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Facial Armor Rears Its Ugly Head

TK-421, why aren’t you at your post?


  1. Luke, I am your father… I saw this on Fox News. The funny thing was, the guy who developed it was embarrassed to wear it on the news show. I believe he said he had been a corporal, and had been in Iraq. My memory grows fuzzy as the dark side grows stronger.

  2. That’s it… Enough of the public, lobbyists, and senators that know nothing about COMBAT EFFECTIVENESS pressing their opinions as FACT that needs to be implemented. I hereby proclaim… -=FUBAR=-

  3. Great! The more options for protection the better. If there are situations where its not needed- its can be taken off. But if we dont have it, then troops can’t use it even when they really want/nead it. I suspect that tactics that make full use of of ‘heavy’ infantry will take some time. At a minimum this seems like its going to be good for mounted/static positions. Personally I would think it usefull the closest of all combat- building interior fighting, where its often nearly imposible to get the first shot off. Such as you bust in a door, and a triggered bomb goes off. Also, it looks REALLY frighting. I think is just a matter of time before troops would paint scary as pictures on them (as they have for things like tanks and aircraft over the years).

  4. I saw a post on this on another site and they make the point that it would be useful in indoors, also it would be useful for folks manning turrets.

  5. It didn’t seem to interfere with his speach very much. He said it didn’t bother his breathing or vision. It looks very Darth Vader though.

  6. As far as modern combat masks go, its worth nothing the airwarrior program. Part of it was a mask for aviators. As the site says this is partially fielded (they say 5000 systems in 05). pdf the next generation model is also in the works…

  7. I think it’s a great advancement in personal safety. I’d use it. Cept I’d make some of the girls I’ve dated wear it for MY personal safety!

  8. I’m thinking DefenseTech’s giving the company a bum rap here. The mask in question is specifically being marketed for weapons crew on armored vehicles who have to stick their heads outside the vehicle while everyone else is inside, and is also designed to provide significant protection for breathing and seeing in a heavy dust or sand environment. Not that I’m serving, but I’m thinking if I were in the Iraqi desert during one of those horrible sand storms they get there, face protection that made it easy to breathe and see would be wonderful, and if it’s easy to take off and put on at will… hell yeah, good option to have.

  9. Obviously, these guys have NOT read the manual re: ‘The Top 100 Things I’d Do If I Ever Became An Evil Overlord.’ Item #1: ‘My Legions of Terror will have helmets with clear plexiglass visors, not face-concealing ones.’ RTFM, guys, RTFM….