Light posting today

I had a linky post for today, but dodgy internet at the hotel lost it for me. So I’ve currently got zip besides a cool pic of a Tomcat being launched off of the Roosevelt. Notice the E-2 with the 8-bladed prop.

Persian Gulf (Feb. 6, 2006) – An F-14D Tomcat assigned to the “Tomcatters” of Fighter Squadron Three One (VF-31) launches from the flight deck aboard the Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71). Roosevelt and embarked Carrier Air Wing Eight (CVW-8) are currently underway on a regularly scheduled deployment conducting maritime security operations. U.S. Navy photo by Photographer’s Mate 3rd Class Randall Damm (RELEASED)

Pic from Navy News Stand.


  1. M -Im not suggesting that you do. I think that they are suggesting buying the b2 becouse it is the only bomber ‘in production’- sort of. And of course you introduced me to the 747 bmober idea which I liked. Could you post the progressive qdr as an article. I think it national qdr deserves some serious discussion. A

  2. OMG what a big article Civilian aircraft into bomber is a silly idea simply because of the cost to restructure the aircraft. Underwing pylons: Read about or study aeroelasticity and you will see why. Bomb bay: Major structural problems, simply the fact that the aircraft was never designed to have a ‘hole’ in it. Structural loads have to be carried along beams differently. Otherwise I am sure that Boeing/Airbus would have jumped on the bandwagon for a ‘jack of all trades’ aircraft a very long time ago. Financially it would make a lot of sense if it were that easy. It’s just simply not, especially with aviation technology progressing continually.