Tank on patrol in Bi’aj

Gratuituous tank pic:


An Army M1 Abrams tank from the 1st Battalion, 3rd Armored Combat Regiment conducts cordon and search operations in the city of Bi’aj, Iraq, on Jan 26.

Pic from Frontline Photos.


  1. HL: I saw that and wondered. I thought maybe it was some new designation for the new modular Army. I mean, you don’t think there’d be an error in IDing them in the press, do you? Bram: That’s a lot of tank, and it’s right out there for everyone to see. I mean, you can’t ignore that much tank when it’s shoved in your face like that…

  2. Yeah,its a tank, just tweak your eyes up a bit so that your vision goes slightly outa focus and that photograph could be a 2nd world war picture of the German blitzkrieg through Russia smashing up towns and villages, and the dirt poor village people having to hide and huddle away from these steel death machines that destroy all in their path.Yep! Tanks know them well.

  3. Very fun exercise. Then I refocus my eyes and see civilians standing casually in the background and the sealed barrel of the main gun and it falls apart. Although the people in the background can also attribute their poverty to a paranoid Satanist dictator.

  4. Sorry, I tried squinting and it still looked distinctively like an Abrams. The Leopard had a big, wide turrent front too but was still much narrower, enough that it’s hard to confuse the two. Plus Iraq doesn’t look very much like Russia. Too yellow.

  5. Dave’s nailed it on the head: Just lose focus and you’ll see something that ain’t there. A lot of people do it, and they see the damndest things sometimes. The key is to lose focus.

  6. Why does the loader have to get out and unplug the barrel? Why can’t the gunner do it? You wanna fire the gun meeester tank gunner why don’t yuuuu uplug the gun. I’m gonna finish my MRE. mmmmmm ranger bar

  7. The loader is usually the lowest ranking man in the tank, the most expendable, and the ‘go-for’. He also has his own hatch and can get out easily compared to the gunner who’s way down deep in there.

  8. Wouldn’t it make sence to make the plug out of some light cloth or something that can easily be shot through? If I was driving that thing I’d want to be able to shoot on a moment’s notice.

  9. That main gun is shoving a heavy round down the barrel at an unbelievable velocity. A collision in the barrel with even a piece of cloth would be disastrous – definitely damaging and probably rupturing the barrel. If you don’t plug the barrel, the sand will get in and possibly cause damage and / or screw up accuracy. Obviously they pull the plug if they are going into a hot area.

  10. Murdoc- I figure it’s just some ignorant PAO twink who doesn’t know any better. Last I check, 3ACR was still (and will continue to be) the 3rd Armored Cavalry Regt. 2nd Cav, now that they’re Strykerized, is now just 2CR.

  11. Must be 1st Sqdn 3rd ACR. Under the Combat Arms Regimental System all Armored and Cavalry units are based on old regiments. IIRC 1-15 regiments are cav and all above that are armored. If there is a 3rd Cav there cannot be a 3rd Armored, etc. What does this tell you about the quality of the PAO guys and Army Times folks?

  12. Good old Murdoc a nice arrow from behind, just a quick one so that he can get back to polishing his war ammo and dream. You wont know what its like me old mate till you do it.Nahh!! the smell of weapons fired /you have survived/ go for it mate it is actually fun/you zap some one /and it does become a way of life . Yes my friend you go for it I promise you your life will change for ever. Good or bad you become you.

  13. Civilians ,you don’t know s***e about weapons and munitions.’ Btw Dave: Knowing about weapons and munitions is simply just learning facts, killing people is obviously different… what is your point? Unless that was a joke post(including the post after that), in which case it is slightly funny. (if not maybe consult a psychiatrist)

  14. Hmm… I think I would rather be in Russia. Course, not back then, unless it was Siberia… no suicide carbombers out in the hinterlands!

  15. That main gun is shoving a heavy round down the barrel at an unbelievable velocity. A collision in the barrel with even a piece of cloth would be disastrous – definitely damaging and probably rupturing the barrel.’ That is not correct at all, it would be blasted out. A cloth effect would be nil, as it would have no way of keeping the pressure nor resist the oncoming projectile. The plug would have some potential with a HE round, and it could certainly effect accuracy, but there is no way it would burst the barrel. The velocity of the projectile and air-pressure in front of it is enormous, to the point that the plug would be on its way out. (remember all that air is moving at MV as well).