70 pounds & 22.5″

UPDATE: This was originally entitled “53 pounds & 17.25″“, but my wife discovered another bag of press kits that I had overlooked when first unpacking.

That’s how much literature I brought back from the 2006 SHOT Show. There would have been more, but we flew and I started taking it real easy on the second day as I watched it pile up. There are a few duplicates, but not much.

I saw a lot of good stuff and probably missed ten times as much as I saw. I talked to a lot of great guys and few guys that weren’t quite so great. I saw and handled enough small-arms to equip a small third-world nation. If there would have been a couple of booths for RPGs, it would have been just like a typical Iraqi village.

As I was there as a writer for Shooting Sports Retailer magazine (Murdoc’s first “Press” pass), we’ll have to see how things fall out before I post the goods here on MO. Don’t fret, I’ll make sure no good story goes unpublished.

Anyway, Murdoc is back in the Badger State and should resume regular posting tomorrow.

I pretty much missed the news over the past couple of days, but I gather that I should be thankful Dick Cheney wasn’t at the SHOT Show handling the SHOTguns. It might have turned into the BEENSHOT Show…


  1. I hate you for holding an old Colt MK IV on me and FORCING me to follow that SERPO link! Jesus, Mary and General Jackson!…my eyes are crossed!…a planet where pi really are round!

  2. Shotguns, rifles, handguns, cruise missiles and RPGs aside Murdoc. Did any of the manufacturers have any pretty, scantily clad women there to intice you into buying their products, like in the Detroit car show? And did you get any good pics to post?

  3. There were a few models there, but not as many as you see at an auto show. There was some blonde signing posters, but I didn’t know who she was or what she had to do with anything. Gunny (R. Lee Ermey) was there signing, too, and THAT’s the autograph I’m sorry I missed. I took no pics at the SHOT. Looking back now, I wish I would have, but there was so much literature to grab and people to talk to and stuff to carry that I don’t know how I would have done much, anyway. I’d never been to the show before, and it was positively overwhelming. And my wife kept me out to all hours at night, anyway. I barely had a chance to look at anything I picked up until we got home last night. Now that I’m digging through it all I’m all ‘I should have talked to these guys’ and ‘Oh, I wish I would have asked them this’ and ‘Holy crap, did I REALLY forget to talk to anyone about the 6.8 SPC’?