Marines in Ramadi


AR RAMADI, Iraq — Three Marines with Company I, 3rd Battalion, 7th Marine Regiment, patrol behind a unit of the local Iraqi Army during a combined mission Jan. 17. The patrol was part of the training that the Marines are conducting with the IA to prepare them for providing security for their country. Photo by: Cpl. Shane Suzuki

Notice the 12-gauge the lead Marine has slung for easy access in addition to his M16/M203. I think he means business.


  1. During any serious exchange of views…………nothing emphasizes the validity of your position like a load of buckshot at close range. DDOOHH!! I see your point!

  2. Jerry: Are you really a shorter guy? When I posted this someone said you looked pretty short for a Marine. I said it was maybe because you were walking in that ditch-like depression. Thanks for reading and thanks for your service.