Big Red One’s DIVARTY farmed out

1st ID’s Division Artillery is inactivated

The transformation continues:

The change will see 10 field artillery battalions created as part of new Army brigade combat teams, he said. The 1st ID Divarty’s three battalions are headed for new missions, he said.

The 1st Battalion, 7th Field Artillery Regiment — with its Paladin Howitzers — has joined 1st ID’s 2nd Brigade Combat Team and is preparing to go to Iraq.

The 1st Battalion, 33rd Field Artillery Regiment will trade its Multiple-Launch Rocket Systems for 105 mm artillery pieces and join the 173rd Airborne Brigade in Vicenza, Italy. Elements of that unit also are preparing for deployment — to Afghanistan, Gilliam said.

Trading MLRS for 105s? Hardly seems fair. Got to be a bit closer to the action with those babys.

1st Battalion, 6th Field Artillery Regiment, which was also armed with Paladins, has cased its colors for now but will reactivate in the U.S. within a few years as part of 1st ID’s yet-to-be-formed 3rd Brigade Combat Team, a division spokesman said.


  1. The gamble they’re taking here, basically getting rid of the GS portion of the division’s artillery assets, is that we won’t have to fight a large scale conventional war any time soon-say, in Korea, or maybe Formosa. Other than that, it just means the DIVARTY HQ goes away (and consequently there’ll be fewer command opportunities for FA O-6s) and the DS FA battalions fall under the direct command of the maneuver brigade commanders.

  2. I wonder if C-130 transportability isn’t a factor in the MLRS-to-tube ‘downgrade’. I suppose we should be grateful that new PG arty rounds are out of the pipe-dream stage.