Help Murdoc out

I came across this pic in the DefenseLINK archives:


The bomb mission “icons” have numbers:


What do those numbers mean? Is that GBU-24, GBU-10, GBU-16? I’m just guessing.

(No fair laughing if I’m wrong…)


  1. Comrades, Interestingly enough, P-3 Orion crews routinely used leftover coffee from the onboard galley to clean the windscreens and observer bubbles after flights. It was found that the heat and caffiene combined to effectively cut through the salt-spray buildup, without any damage and the use of chemical cleaners. I say used, because I don’t know that it still is the norm, but it worked great when I was there. I can hear the question: ‘salt spray?’ yup… when rigging surface contacts onstation, the aircraft descends to between 300-500 feet asl to enabled both visual and photographic intelligence their best ‘look’ at the contact in question. Surprising amount of salt spray builds up even at that altitude. The Air Force guys always thought we were nuts to be that low at those speeds, but hey, if something went wrong, we figured there’d be only a couple seconds of knowledge about it, so why worry? Anyway, cleanliness of Navy aircraft is a ‘must do’ thing. You can NEVER let it lag, because salt is so damned corrosive, AND pervasive. We’d deep-clean the P-3’s every few months.. pull out avionics racks, get in close with vacuums and toothbrushes. It had to be done because the risks of NOT doing it were so great. Respects, AW1 Tim

  2. Comrades, BTW: A quick search for the above mentioned nomenclatures reveal that the GBU-10 & GBU-24 are guided mods to 2ooolb bombs, whereas the GBU-16 used a 1000lb bomb as it’s core. Respects, AW1 Tim

  3. I live in the Irmo, SC area. On Feb. 18, 2006, my son heard a low flying aircraft and ran outside to see what it was. He saw an aircraft ( possibly a F-16)rolling wing over wing with fire – flying very low. He called 911 and an Officer from the County Police Dept. came by for more info. There has been nothing in the news. Could this have been apart of the Red Flag Exercise?