Spoilers and just plain spoiled

First of all, I don’t know what to say about Lindsey Jacobellis besides “what a jackass”. I mean, really.

I have no problem with hot-dogging it. But how about winning first? And I hoped she would refuse to speak to the media right after, because as bad as it would look it would be better than what she was likely to say. She didn’t, and she said the sort of thing I was afraid she would.

Without trying to make it into too big of a deal, she represents America and I gotta say that she did a piss-poor job of it today. Losing is one thing. Losing something you absolutely should have won is another. But this is something completely different. I never thought I’d be so ashamed of a US silver medal.

Tied for last-place today in Murdoc’s mind is the local NBC affiliate’s coverage. At least twice we were promised, by our local news crew, coverage of the story. So I fired this off to our affiliate (WOOD-TV 8) and NBC:

How about not giving away the results of the events you’re going to televise later?

It’s tough enough trying to ignore other television stations and the internet in order to enjoy tape-delayed coverage without the station carrying the Olympics spilling the beans.

At least twice, once at the beginning of Olympic coverage and then AGAIN later in the evening we were promised local news coverage of the US snowboarder who had to settle for silver after blowing her chance at gold. I knew what had happened because I had inadvertently seen it online, but my wife and kids (who are following the Olympics closely) were unhappy to have a fun new event spoiled.

I will also be contacting NBC directly about this.

Don’t apologize. Just stop it.

I just want to watch and be proud of our athletes. Tough day for that, I guess.

And does CNBC stand for CURLING-NBC, or what? Sheesh…


  1. Remember when sports used to be about building character? Now they are obviously about who can get the biggest endorsement contract. I guess what we used to know, years ago, is that ‘win at any cost’ results in no one winning at all. Today everyone is so damn sophisticated they’ve lost sight of the simple things. Stupid people raising their kids on HGH and loading them up with steroids from before they’re teens so they’ll be 6’6′ with huge muscles. Their lack of adequate bone structure to support their size mirrors their lack of character to support their huge egos.