Threats Watch on the Ports

On Port Security: Slower, Please
Neither Rubber Stamps of Approval Nor Hyperventilating Objection Serve Security

Steve Schippert:

To be sure, there are many aspects that warrant a more patient and more public inspection. So, let’s take our time and have a closer look and have it very publicly for our own peace of mind, one way or the other.

But be forewarned on potential Congressional review: So long as there are cameras in the chambers, we will be more likely to see many politicians seeking to bend testimony around their already-stated public positions rather than seeking a true understanding, regardless of their perceptions. Most will, typically, exit any such procedure with the same view they entered into it with. For this reason, the public must not let this rest on The Hill. The American public must remain engaged.

Read the whole thing.

I certainly don’t mind taking a closer look at this. But I’d rather take a closer look at the real security concerns regarding our ports, real security concerns regarding our air transportation, and re security concerns regarding our borders.

But no luck.


  1. I’d like to hear just one person tell me why I should feel safer with the United Arab Emirates running 20 some ports in the US. I’d also like for someone to tell me why I should feel safer with the Chinese running ports on the West coast. What it comes down to is money. We’re not safer, but the important people are getting richer. I guess it just shows the impact of inflation on 30 pieces of silver.

  2. I’d pose the question the opposite way. Why should I feel less safe with the UAE company running 20 ports? Would I feel safer with Americans who belong to the Mafia running them? How is it going to be easier for them to do some evil thing? And why should they want to do this evil thing? See if you can answer without reference to ethnic stereotypes.

  3. I read that the company as port manager would have access to the coast gaurds antiterrorist plan for each of those ports. I also read that before we invaded there, the UAE royal family would go on hunting trips in Afghanistan with their taliban hosts and that they have personal relationships with them dating back to the russians being in afghanistan. Im also hearing that the ports of the UAE are a known piracy/illegal activity hub. -that AQ khan used it as a transhipment point for nuclear material. Maybe this wouldnt be an issue if the Decepticons had really secured our ports becouse, I hear ‘9/11 changed everything’ except of course it hasnt changed the priorities of the decepticons, where delivering to corporate interests comes first, even over the security of the US.

  4. Oh, and the british owned company that was selling- they were a private corporation subject to english law- our best allies. This company- the UAE company- is owned by the state in a monarchy.

  5. Richard Heddleston – Why in the hell should I feel safe with our enemies running ports on both of our coasts? If you want to live in a country with ports run by arabians – go to the U.A.E – they will love you – they love to eat american head for lunch.

  6. As soon as these foreign companies flash some cash, the Republicans forget all about 9/11. This is the very pre-9/11 thinking they’ve been accusing the Democrats of using, and they’re inviting the Democrats to beat them sensless with it. Not that they appear to have much sense left to lose. I recently ran across this white paper by Newt Gingrich on election reform. In it he says: Foreign governments and entities increasingly understand they can buy influence in Washington, and from the campaign scandals of 1996 to the recent donation of $20 million by a Saudi Prince to a major University, there has been a flood of foreign money designed to influence the most powerful government in the world. We are seeing the result. Why would any soverign country give up operating control of any of its ports, air or sea, or its borders? Yet we’ve abdicated responsibility of all of them except our airports (as far as I know, anyway). I heard last night that foreign companies own 80% of our ports. 80%! Meanwhile, undocumented people stream across our borders, North and South. Don’t get me wrong, I am more than happy to see us trading with as many foreign countries as possible, the UAE is certainly included. Let them buy real estate, build buildings, invest in stocks, and be involved in the vast majority of money making enterprises available here in the US. BUT don’t give them control of our seaports! Don’t give them control of our airports! Don’t give them control of our borders! Not the UAE, not the Chinese, not our great friends and allies the British, none of them. 9/11 happened, folks, lets learn our lessons and go forward. To do anything else, dishonors the memory of the 3,000 Americans who died that day, and it dishonors the sacrifices of our brave troops in harms way today.

  7. Yes – 9/11 happened. That said, If every port, airport, and boarder was exclusively staffed and controlled by only americans of the highest calibure – 9/11 would still of happened. Foreign operations had nothing to do with 9/11. To date, I cannot think a single terrorist event in the US that had any relation to foreign ownership.

  8. In WW2, 53,000 allied soldiers lost their lives establishing a beach head at Normandy. Today a foreign government can buy 20 US ports for $6B. Go buy a field with your money.