Pic of autonomous Stryker

The Stryker is driven robotically through the range at Fort Gordon, Ga., Feb. 10, 2006, during testing for future development of robots that can conduct convoy operations. U.S. Army photo by Larry Edmond

Note the masts for radar, IR, and other guidance sensors. Pic from the DoD’s Transformation archive. For more on this project, see The Officers’ Club.


  1. Why not deploy a robotic Bradley or M1A2 with an autoloader? i heard they were testing one a while back. And what about Boeing’s unmanned Little Bird? I think those would be better suited in carrying cargo, consdering they could fly higher than small arms fire and not have to worry about IEDs.

  2. ‘Why not deploy a robotic Bradley or M1A2 with an autoloader?’ Nowhere near ready for that. This would be used to have unmanned convoys and cut down the ammount of support troops needed.

  3. While I really like the idea. Would it not be wiser to un-man the trucks? That way support troops could travel in safer vehicles, say a stryker? Since the IED etc. attacks generally will be focused on the weaker elements. All you need is a dummy in the driver seat.

  4. Vstress – Shhhhhh Making the trucks unmanned would be intelligent. Its much better to make the troop carriers autonomous, that way uh we would not lose troops when the carriers get blown up… Of course someone might question the logic of making an autonomus troop carrier, but who am I to blow against the wind. On a more serious note – So could this vehical complete the Grand Challenge?

  5. ‘All you need is a dummy in the driver seat.’ That’s what my platoon sargeant use to say when the L-T wanted a 6×6 to move some nonessential materials. Funny, he inevitably yelled: Toejam, I got an important mission for you!