Go figure

‘Brokeback’–No Bump


An Oscar nod for Best Picture often means big box-office increases, but “Brokeback Mountain” hasn’t gotten the kind of bump insiders expected. Unlike last year’s “Million Dollar Baby,” which saw an 88 percent increase between the noms and Oscar night, and “Chicago,” which shot up 100 percent, the grosses for “Brokeback” have actually been declining every weekend.

Projected to reach the $100 million mark before the Oscars, it’ll now be lucky to touch $80 million.


  1. I saw it last weekend. If you aren’t a homophobe, you’ll really like it. It’s now one of my all time favorite movies. Great story about love and loss. It was really well written by the guy who wrote the lonesome dove stuff, it had amazing cinematography, and a great direction job by Ang Lee who did crouching tiger. Now on the other hand, if you can’t stand 2 brief scenes of men kissing (total of 30 seconds maybe) and a couple brief shots of bare chested men wrestling in the grass… skip it. Mike

  2. The wife mentioned that one of her friends said we should go see it. I said ‘No thanks.’ She said ‘You’re just being a stick in the mud.’ I responded ‘No, that’s what I’m trying to avoid seeing!’ Got a laugh. Seriously, I don’t agree with homosexuality, and I’ll not be spending money on a film depicting it as something other than abnormal. OTOH, I’m glad Mike liked it and didn’t feel like it was wasted money. Bully for him.

  3. Even if brokeback was about a guy and a girl, I doubt I’d see it. It sounds like a chick flick at best, and possibly just gross at worst. I don’t think it’s fair to call someone a homophobe if they don’t want to see a couple of guys making out. I also would not pay to see a story about a couple of horses who were romantically entangled, and they showed them having sex with each other. Does that make me an equinophobe? No, it’s just something I don’t particularly want to see.

  4. Then as I said, skip it. :p BTW wasn’t trying to mix homophobe and people who don’t want to see guys kissing. But if you are in either group, you would not like the film.

  5. Yeah, I agree with Kevin on this: Here in the UK i have no idea how well it has been doing, but there are other better films I really will go and see, such as ‘Munich’. If I have to go with my girlfriend I will go see the one with Jennifer Aniston, that seems to have an interesting story line. The problem may lie in the fact that girls like seeing girls looking good, feeling good etc. – hence the amount of females in female adverts. Marketing thinks so, hence we dont see Gay men in adverts for womens products. Hence I dont see many gay adverts, but I do see many heterosexual adverts. Men wont really get a need to see this – unless gay. The only crowd it does really appeal to will be gay people, or people who are interested in simply seeing a different light on gay peoples lives. As for the story line, I think there are plenty heterosexual stories that run along these lines to satisfy needs (people go see love films ‘chick flicks’ for the feeling good feeling, by easily connecting with the characters). This probably answers why ratings are falling.

  6. Vstress, are you sure Munich is really better? I would be interested in seeing if it was based in reality, not a touch-feely film about those poor Palestinians and how much it hurt them inside that they had to go and kidnap and ruthlessly murder those dastardly Israeli athlete Zionists. Well, I haven’t seen it, but that’s what I heard it’s like.. if so I won’t want to be seen within 500 metres of a movie theatre. My sympathy for those who like to butcher Israelis and Jews has all run out. May have something to do with Iran.

  7. Two guys French kissin? NO THANKS, However, I just might just spend my hard-earned money on a ticket to see two young, unclad women swappin spit.

  8. Nicholas… sorry that comment I made was not to do with me actually agreeing with this film. I have no idea exactly what view it takes.. as I have not seen it yet. I have only heard sparse comments, mainly that it is about the Mossad hunting the terrorists. Now that I hear your angle, I will definitely look into the storyline in this film and compare it with reality. I am sorry, I did not wish to annoy anyone with that comment. If it is as you say, I expect I will not like the film too much. But, even saying that, I must say – Just to find out if they are lying in the film Munich is more interesting than watching a gay cowboy film…