Soon to be official policy?

Frank Advice on Port Security

IMAO has some tips for us all. Here’s a sampling:

  • Just because someone went through all the trouble of painting “Not WMDs” on a crate, doesn’t mean it’s true. You might want to consider inspecting that one.
  • Muslim extremists hate cartoon depictions of the prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him), so put an unflattering comic about Mohammed on your door. If anyone tries to kill you over it, treat that person with suspicion.

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  1. I read that nysun article. what a load of trash. article says that this (the ports issue) is just democrats sucking up to campaign donors. My favorite line- ‘a labor union notorious for its ties to organized crime on the waterfront.’- like in that documentary- ‘on the waterfront’. with brando. ‘I coulda been a contender!’ what year was that? And how much did these democrats take in- well look at Hillary Clinton- she took in $4,500. Im sure that made the difference in her $14, million dolar campaign warchest. What a load of trash. And of course lets not forget everyones buddy- notorious for hyping every single bit of b.s. presented by the decepticons in support of their great Iraqi adventure.

  2. Sorry- that last line about everyone’s buddy- that refers to insta-idiot. Here’s something on the ports deal from Americablog: n an interview at the start of the ‘Situation Room’ with CNN’s Ed Henry, Congressman Peter King, who chairs the House Homeland Security Committee, said that the Bush administration did not investigate whether the UAE company had ties to terror. King said there was ‘no investigation into terror whatsovever.’ According to Henry, King maintained that he had asked officials at Treasury and Homeland Security whether they had checked out whether the company had ties to Al Qaeda. The response was to King was ‘You don’t understand. We don’t conduct a thorough investigation.’ I had to watch this piece a couple times…and made John watch it, too. This is insane. The President is determined to enact this port security deal but we don’t even know if there are Al Qaeda ties. The Bush administration is on the verge of turning over port security to a foreign country which is bad enough. It is downright criminal that the Bush team did not check out if that company had Al Qaeda ties…especially given UAE’s history with Al Qaeda. —- I live in in NYC.- actually just over the Nassau county border from queens. I was 3 blocks away on 9/11. Im afraid.

  3. So guess who’s advising the UAE on how to get their port deal through? Could it be Bill Clinton? You remember him, Hillary’s old man. He got paid $300,000 recently for a speaking engagment in Dubai. Do you still think this isn’t all about money? I can assure you, all that oil money will buy a whitewash in the press and in Congress. Because money talks, and you suckers go along for the ride. Ha, ha, ha, who’s laughing now?

  4. isnt $300k his usual speaking fee? Okay so Bill Clinton- advises clients how best to deal with the US government, Hillary Clinton- stands up for something the decepticons dont- port security- its quite simple dfens- its called a ‘twofer’ or in this case a ‘threefer’ becouse it also gives the shrub adjida. If Hillary didnt have integrity- payments to Bill would be shutting her down- clearly they aren’t.

  5. The money isn’t shutting her down now. What do you bet they reach a ‘compromise’? I’ll bet Bill told W, ‘hey buddy, you’ve got to start looking out for your future…’ $300,000 speaking fees and free trips around the world aren’t a bad future, are they? These are all bought and paid for politicians. Republicans – Democrats. There’s no difference once they get into office. They both just go where the money is, and spin it to match the ideals they claimed to have going in.

  6. Ah the Abromawitz defense again. Desperate decepticons trying to claim that the democrats are also as corrupt as they are. too bad its not true. What do you bet that ‘they reach a compromise’ is the decepticons reaching a compromise with the shrub that his deal can go through over their objections? Thats what they are trying to sell on the shrub’s wiretapping crimes. And maybe you hadnt noticed this dfens- the shrub doesnt take advice from anyone except rove and his inner circle. And he certainly doenst take any from democrats. And war criminals tend not to travel much. better to be safe in a country that wont extradite you.

  7. according to Rep. Peter King (R-NY): And what bothered me about the whole thing, and I was asking questions at the beginning. I said I had concerns about it. And when I met with people who are on this committee, I was told upfront – this is before they got their act together – that they did no investigating. There was no investigation done. And then I’m watching ‘Meet the Press’ a week ago Sunday, and Secretary Chertoff was on, and he was saying, ‘Well, if the American people knew what a rigorous investigation was conducted, they wouldn’t have any concerns.’ That’s when I realized they’re not telling us the true story here, and that’s why I’ve come out against the deal, and at least until there’s a form of investigation.

  8. Aaron: Your ‘the Dems aren’t corrupt politicians like the Republicans’ argument is really pretty ignorant. Claims of ‘the Republicans are corrupt’ will resonate with many because it’s so demonstrably true. Claims of ‘the Republicans are corrupt but the Democrats aren’t’ will just make you look like a second-grader because it’s so demonstrably false. The debate isn’t ‘are politicians often corrupt?’. We’ve all known the answer to that one for thousands of years. The debate (politically, at least) is ‘has the corruption of politicians influenced the ports deal in a way that threatens US security?’. Stick to the actual debate and you might have a chance. Play stupid games and you’ll just look stupid. You’ve argued (in effect) ‘it would be stupid to trust Bush/the Republicans just because they said that they’re trustworthy’. I happen to agree with that 100%. Then you turn around and say ‘but trust the Democrats because they ARE trustworthy’. Credibility…GONE!

  9. Actually Murdoc- why dont you present some of this alleged evidence of democrat corruption? what are you talking about? Remember the good ole’ days when a democrat admitting to a sexual indiscretion was a big deal? Now decepticons and their coterie of followers just resort to blatently making stuff up as some sort of credibility related program activity. So Murdoc- youve just linked. Whats your view? has there been a security review? has there been a proper security review? why isnt this an issue?

  10. Hmm, anyone remember Jim Wright, or the House Banking scandal? Even when Clinton is obviously involved in this port deal and openly taking huge chunks of money from foreign governments to lobby their cause here in the US he gets defended. I guess it’s up to Republicans to be Americans first. Hell, I’d still vote for W over that traitor jerk the Dems ran for president, I don’t care how many purple owie badges he got, but I’d vote for a Democrat, especially if they’d offer a real choice instead of always having to pick the lesser of 2 evils. Anyway, Fox News took a poll and it showed the president’s popularity in the tank too. I hated citing anything from the communist bs machine. Bush continues to alienate his base. It’s going to bite him bad one of these days.

  11. OH MY GOD YOUR COMPARING THE HOUSE BANKING SCANDAL TO ANYTHING? Wow I was just reading the wikipedia entries on the house banking scandal, and jim wright.. unbelievable how far the goal posts have moved on corruption under decepticon rule. Under Democrat rule, bounced personal checks and blow jobs were a big scandal. Now murder and torture on a massive scale arent. And are you questioning the the service of a man who volunteered to go into a shooting war? Kerry got injured in combat 3 times. His CO said so. The Navy said so. And he EARNED a silver star. and a bronze star. Becouse the Navy said so. Becouse America said so. And you think you can be one of those REMF’s who questions a PROVEN WAR HERO’s bravery? Who the f–k do you think you are you cowardly piece of s–t? Have you served? Have you been shot at? Have you got any medals? Not that it would matter becouse if I was a sc-mb-g like you I could just make up cowardly b-llsh-t lies about your service. And maybe if idiots like you hadnt spread lies and b.s. we wouldnt have had 3000+ dead on 9/11, 2000+ dead in Iraq, 1000+ dead, endless deficit, and every country of the axis of evil getting appreciably more dangerous. WTF- will it take to convince people like you that the decepticons have two modes: evil and incompetant. If you saw bush eat a baby then deny eating it, would that convince you? And since you havent noticed- the senate democrats have been pushing port security since 9/11. And now the decepticons are coming around. wow only 4 1/2 years late.

  12. Uh, let me see, what point was I making. Oh yes, it’s up to Republicans to be Americans first. There doesn’t seem to be much more left to say on that subject, as my point seems to be made. Have you noticed how Liberalism seems to have morphed into a religion? I mean, if a person believes in the correct social agenda, they have no personal accountability at all. If they don’t, and they get caught with their member in the mouth of an intern, they get crucified. If they don’t and have a dark complexion they can be treated with all manners of race based contempt without recourse. It goes beyond politics and beyond a socialist economic agenda, as neither of those provide this kind of absolution with regard to personal responsibility. Perhaps this is what Jesus was talking about when he said, ‘Render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s, and unto God the things that are God’s.’

  13. So far the silence has been deafening on this latest Drudge Report news flash regarding the fact that a foreign company also controls at least one decent sized US airport, security included. Maybe they’ll attack Drudge too. He’s some kind of ‘phobe, I just haven’t figured out which kind yet.