Friday Linkzookery – 10 Mar 2006

Raiders of the Lost Ark
Noah’s Ark, that is. The Officer’s Club has a pic of what’s called the “Ararat Anomaly”

Australia Air Force To Acquire Four C-17s
Air transport Down Under to get a boost, and the efforts to keep the C-17 line running haven’t ended yet.

Japanese Make Gasoline From Cattle Dung
Although skeptical, again, of the large-scale application of this sort of thing, it sure would be nice if we could turn garbage and cow dung and such into a practical energy source. Talk about renewable. However, a core meltdown and the ensuing fallout after a cow dung reactor disaster would be fairly crappy…

China’s Economy 2006
Chuck Simmins on the growing beast.

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Never a Last Chance for a Bad Impression
Mitchell Lewis on the way the bad can overshadow the good.

Now Playing: Spitfire celebrates 70th anniversary
“A Spitfire that cost 10,000 Pounds in 1940 could now be yours for a million…” (Thanks, Francis)

Weekend AK Gallery addition
If it’s Head’s Bunker, it’s must be “Guns, lots of guns”.

House Renews Patriot Act, ACLU Disappointed
Stop the ACLU: My first reaction to this breaking news was “HA!!” Now it is “ha, HA, HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HAAAA!!!!!”

Conquest’s little brother
Fighting age European men are a dying species, and not because of war

Blogs change how carmakers deal with media

Now if blogs could just change how carmakers make cars…

Spanish Test Out Olives As Energy Source
Wouldn’t martini prices skyrocket?

It’s ‘game day’ for NASA’s latest Mars orbiter
The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter will enter an elliptical orbit around the Red Planet, coming as close as 250 miles to the surface. Or is that 250 kilometers?

English to Arabic, Hands-Free
More, please. And faster, while you’re at it.

U.S. payrolls jumped by 243,000 in February
Luckily, things are going so well that more people started looking for jobs and pushed the unemployment rate up a bit, so at least there’s some bad news. The pay rate is up 3.5% over last year. I thought all these jobs people were getting in the “jobless recovery” were all low-paying.

Iran, Plutonium and Assessing the Threat
It’s the known unknowns, and especially the unknown unknowns, that we know are the most troubling.

More Sunni – al-Qaeda Divisions: The Real Civil War
Bill Roggio on the long-feared Iraqi civil war.


  1. OT China plans to build carrier Report: China plans to build carrier Associated Press HONG KONG (Kyodo) -The Chinese military is currently planning to build an aircraft carrier, a pro-Beijing daily in Hong Kong reported Friday. ‘The Chinese army will conduct research and build an aircraft carrier and develop our own aircraft carrier fleet,’ People’s Liberation Army Lt. Gen. Wang Zhiyuan was quoted as saying in the Chinese-language Wen Wei Po. ‘An aircraft carrier is a very important tool for big countries defending their interests in the sea. China is a big country with a long shoreline. An aircraft carrier is necessary to defend our interests in the sea,’ he said.

  2. For those wanting to know the offical party lines. There are some cute publications on the army’s view how to survive Congress One cute one Testify before congress, RE:Investigative Hearings Can be painful. Chairman must state precise purpose at outset. Witnesses are under oath and may be accompanied by legal counsel. Your Mission: Survive. Tell your side of the story calmly. Stick to truth and keep repeating it. Don’t get mad. Admit failures and highlight corrective actions taken.