IE 7 Beta 2

I’ve installed the next version of Microsoft Internet Explorer, mostly to make sure that MO is ready for it. Everything I’ve looked at seems fine except for the images in the banner (the title, the First Navy Jack, and everyone’s favorite lightning bolt). These “disappear” while the page is loading, leaving only the blue background. If I stop the page loading while the images are there, they stay unless I scroll them out of view, then they’re gone. Other images seem okay.

  • Does anyone have any idea about this? Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
  • If anyone has IE 7 and notices anything else odd, let me know. Or any other browser, for that matter. I’m not a web design genius (I mean, look at the place) but I can usually get problems figured out eventually.
  • This reminds me that there is a problem with entering comments using Opera. I’m not sure what the problem is.

UPDATE: Well, the tab I was using to publish this post crashed when I posted.

But then everything was fine when I re-published. I guess it’s tough to know what problems are due to the new browser and what problems are due to the fact that this is a beta version of the new browser.

UPDATE 2: Discovered that if I open an MO tab, then open another tab, then return to the MO tab, the banner graphics are there. Weird.


  1. The Opera work-around is apparently to click and hold in the text box while typing. That’s stupid, of course, but it works.

  2. What you need to do is download and install Firefox, then rename it ‘Internet Explorer’. It solves a lot of problems 😉 (If you do, make sure to get these extensions:bugmenot,dictionary search,flashblock, adblock. You’ll be glad you did!) Sorry this comment had nothing had little to do with your post 🙁

  3. Mike: What? 115 errors is too many errors? I’ve made headway in validating, but it didn’t occur to me that I might need to finish. Kevin: Actually, I use Firefox quite a bit. But many readers will continue to use IE, so it needs to work there too. Even IE users are entitled to my opinion…

  4. KTLA: Thanks on the issues link. I’ll check it out. And that market share graph shows FF at 9.75%. MO readers seem to be generally around 20% FF, sometimes a bit more. Don’t know what that means.