A reader tips me off to this front-and-center story on CNN’s home page:

Get a load of that caption. Here’s a close-up:


Here’s the link to the story: Bush, Musharraf show solidarity

Remember, this isn’t even the Iraq campaign we’re talking about. All those who go on and on about how Iraq isn’t related to the “so-called war on terror” and that invading Iraq took precious resources away from the real war should be glad to see some Presidential face time in this region.

But, no. Apparently this area is only the real war when discussing Iraq. When discussing this area, it’s not even a real war. Sort of like how so many folks like to say “I supported going into Afghanistan because of al Qaeda, but I don’t support Iraq because they weren’t involved in 9/11 or closely linked to al Qaeda.” The problem is, some of those saying this (and I know a couple personally) didn’t support going into Afghanistan at the time.

But consider that Nancy Pelosi said last June “I assume that the war in Afghanistan is over, or is the contention that you have that it continues?…The war in Afghanistan is over.” Maybe that’s what they mean. There was a war, but it’s CNN’s contention that it’s over.

UPDATE: The front-page has since changed. For a while it was another image and caption about Bush’s visit to Pakistan, and not it’s about the Army’s criminal investigation into Pat Tillman’s death.


  1. CNN’s article on the activist history teacher (I guess actually a AA article) was disturbingly watered down. It starts off pointing out students walking out to protest the leave- and only one real point of his lecture- the anti-bush remark. Fine, but what about suggesting iran would be justified in bombing north carlonia with chemical weapons and other, quite frankly much more disturbing remarks then anti-bush rhetoric. In fact, how hard would it be have link the tape transcript or the tape so people could hear the real deal.

  2. About the activist teacher thing, the CNN video clip is not much better. Its about half as long as clip about a student who peed in waste basket, and again avoids the more distrubing parts of his lecture. They mention the student leaving, the students protesting is leaving, and his lawyer defending the teacher. I went and checked out CNN’s take on this after seeing it on Malkin- which actually had a transcript. This so-called thing reminded me of CNNs whitewashing of this.

  3. Did they ‘scrub’ that ‘so-called’ thing out. It wasn’t there when I went to the site?

  4. I would have liked it better if our leader had not given India a sweetheart nuke development deal… simultaneously breaking the back of non proliferation efforts and enflaming tensions with Pakistan. Woohoo. To be a fly on the wall in the Musharaff meeting, he must have been happy about that. I’m sure the docile Pakistani ‘street’ loved the morning papers after that happened. ‘Yo, GWB, whatup? Where my nuke deal at dogg?’ Of course, I don’t think we should be rewarding Pakistan with anything — their track record since 2001 is one of a Ocean City Souvenir Shop (full of flip-flops, ack ack ack). They’re up there with the Saudis for Unreliable Partner Award.

  5. The facts are that our actions in removing Saddam’s regime from power and freeing the people of Iraq are fully justified and a neces sary part of our war on terror. Anyone who does not agree with that is EITHER ignorant of sufficient facts OR they are dumb to be able to understand the facts! There has been more than sufficient proof our actions were correct before the Iraq war started & with the captured Iraqi documents, (And other media) plus the testimony of former high ranking Iraq officials there is even MORE PROOF it is correct now. So please, read this forum & get the facts. It has up-dated information on Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and Iran.. There is already LOT of information in it now and there will be more. Thanks for your time. Please, Take Care! Neil