In the mail: Prayers for the Assassin

Actually, I received this some time back and am only getting to it now. Am I the only one way behind in his reading?

Anyway, here’s the deal according to the book’s site:

Prayers for the Assassin is set thirty-five years from now, after a civil war in which most of the United States has become a moderate Islamic republic and the Bible Belt has broken away to become a Christian nation. This political shift was precipitated by simultaneous suitcase-nuke detonations in New York, Washington, D.C. and Mecca?a sneak attack blamed on Israel, known as the Zionist Betrayal. Within this tense world, the beautiful and intrepid young historian Sarah Dougan uncovers shocking evidence that he Zionist Betrayal was not linked to Israel at all, but was a plot carried out by a messianic a radical Muslim billionaire now poised to overtake the entire nation.

Yeah, it seems a little comic-bookish. But I’m about a hundred pages in and it’s not too bad. Besides, I like comic books.

It’s written by Robert Ferrigno and is available now.

Republic World News, a web site with news, weather, and more in the book’s future world, has stories like Old Regime movie cult gains ground, ‘Welcome to Oregon and thanks for visiting. Now leave.’, and Cover those legs, ladies, if you’re in Denver.


  1. No, sir. I am also way behind on my reading. There are just too many Clancy novels and not enough hours in the day! And I’m pretty sure that was already Oregon’s motto. Especially in Portland…