The harsh Iraqi mud

Even Strykers Get Stuck

Strategy Page has a couple photos of a Stryker bogged down. As M113 advocates will gleefully point out, wheeled vehicles generally get stuck far easier than tracked vehicles.

What sort of Stryker is that? It’s got some sort of (apparently non-standard) armor shield that blocks out the view of most of the upper hull and a machine gun. No Remote Weapons Station.


  1. Chuck: Good thinking, but the Command Vehicle Stryker has a Remote Weapons station. I’m wondering if it might not be a Mortar Carrier. The 172nd Brigade (now in Iraq) was the first to deploy with the MC-B version of the Mortar Carrier, which mounts the mortar inside the vehicle. Previous MC-A models required the mortar to be set up outside the vehicle.

  2. ‘Where are a couple dozen camels when you need them?’ Geez Bill, Don’t you know smoking is bad for you!

  3. The two versions I know of that lack an RWS are the FSV (FSO vehicle) and the Recon variant. I’ve seen the MC-B version, but don’t remember what kind of weapon station it has. The hatches on the back deck are suggestive of a mortar carrier, though.