Where’s the uncropped version?

Nope. No bias or agenda here:

Original file here

Purely coincidental, I’m sure. It’s not really that big of a deal, of course, and what does one really expect from Reuters anyway? These sorts of things are fairly clever blah blah blah.

What amuses me the most, I think, is the number of people who think great points are scored by this sort of thing. I guess it resonates with the simple-minded.

What I can’t figure out is why it doesn’t mention the fact that Cheney used to run Halliburton. Isn’t that in the Legacy Media Manual of Style? (via Wizbang’s Weekend Caption Contest)


  1. As someone on another blog pointed out (forget who), there’s ‘civil war’ and there’s ‘Civil War’. We’re pretty sure there’s no Civil War in Iraq because it would involve battalions of partisan troops duking it out and tens of thousands of civilians dead in a matter of weeks. Is there civil war? I’d say yes. It just depends on how you look at it. What’s going on in Iraq is not terribly unique in the scheme of things, if you’re going to claim there’s a civil war there you probably have to also admit the same thing is happening in the Phillipines and Pakistan and Saudi Arabia and a bunch of other places too — anywhere a minority group is trying to violently have their way.

  2. This picture was no coincidence as the Photographers can pick their spot, I’m sure they’re looking for something like this all the time. These are trained professionals that are cognizant of the make up of each picture, not just someone taking a family picture. http://www.outsidethebeltway.com/fotos/bushrat1.jpg Just as the Dubya photo at the OTB link was not accidental. Actually the MSM version had BRAT no RAT in the background when Bush as at Bratislava (I think the spellings right). I cut out the B for the OTB April Fools caption contest.