Murdoc on the road

I’ll be traveling today, so posting will be light. But I wanted to make sure to mention the Carnival of Homeschooling, hosted this week at PalmTree Pundit. If you homeschool (Murdoc does, BTW) or you are considering homeschooling, you are sure to find at least a few good things.

Worth a look.


  1. Murdoc is a papa. Once an old lady asked me if I was a young man. I said it depended on what ‘young’ meant. Turns out she didn’t like my long hair and was trying to say that I looked like a girl…

  2. Mrs. Buckethead and I are about to start homeschooling when the boy turns three in May. Looks like we’re going to go with the great books curriculum, along with music lessons from mom and random electric shock treatments from me. Some people object to the random electrical shocks as a pedagogical method, but I say, ‘Hey, kids are resiliant.’

  3. Robert Heinlein perhaps jokingly suggested this methof for educating a boy: put him in a barrel at birth, then feed him through the bunghole. At the age of 18, make an executive decision whether to let him out or drive in the bung. And there was the method described early in his ‘Double Star’, of drawing excess blood away from the brain by smiting the gluteus maximus.