Friday Linkzookery – 17 Mar 2006

On Call in Hell
He left a desk job for the front lines of Fallujah–and a horror show few doctors ever see. How Richard Jadick earned his Bronze Star.”

Update on Operation Swarmer
Fourth Rail continues the coverage of this op. It’s hard to tell whether this is actually a major operation or not. It might bet that the bad guys scattered before we got there. It might be that we’re not getting enough details to know what’s going on. Murdoc also wonders if this might not actually be an op to capture a particular leader or henchman, not a general offensive.

Those war drums have a familiar beat
Don’t forget Iran.

The Scary Shadow of Iran
See? I told you not to forget them. Even without nukes they’re stirring up trouble.

Much more Linkzookery below the fold. Don’t be afraid. It probably won’t bite.

Northwest to charge extra for prime coach seats
Says that this started this week, but we had the option over a month ago on Northwest. We declined.

The Homeschooling Carnival
I’ll be pointing this out regularly in Linkzookery. This week’s carnival is hosted by The Common Room.

US Military Plans To Make Insect Cyborgs
This sort of thing never ends well in the movies.

Fry fuel: McDonald’s franchisee runs cars on it
At $1350 to buy and install the kit, why don’t all the fast food chains convert their corporate vehicles?

Kites banned in Pakistan after boy’s slashing death
The kite had been equipped to cut the strings of other kites. Apparently seven have been killed by these kites in the past two weeks.

Missile Shield: Hacker Heaven

Thursday Winds of War: March 16
Links a’plenty.

Cliff House
Murdoc particularly likes the underwater basement.

Staying on Message
I’ve long maintained that the President’s words don’t change nearly as much as critics like to pretend. But Greyhawk has an astounding post highlighting it.

The Bend of History
Same thing here. But when you try to tell this to someone, they just pretend you’re an ignorant sap who drank the Kool-Aid.

Operation Swarmer and Sudden Iran-US Talks on Iraq: Connection?
Threats Watch notes some curious coincidences, and commenters point out more.

Energy Conservation Moving Up Pentagon’s Agenda
Good. With their requirements and their budgets, it seems to Murdoc that there’s a lot of opportunity to develop a lot of good things that could make an even-wider difference in the future.

Not Depressing
Dean notes a Karl Zinsmeister quote and a note from his dad, who’s in Iraq training Iraqi security forces.

The Flame Trench
Rand Simberg points out a new space group blog.

Sectarian Violence Diminishing in Iraq
The Iraqi civil war (not the Iraqi Civil War) is cooling down a bit. For now. Maybe.

Iraqi Soldiers on Track for Independent Ops in Al Anbar
Haven’t heard anything lately on the number of Iraqi battalions at the various levels of readiness, but things sure seem to be moving ahead quite well.

Force Reduction in Iceland Reflects Focus on New Global Threats
Pulling out of Naval Air Station Keflavik this fall.

Army, Air Force Eye Upgraded Warthogs
The A-10 has proven over and over how valuable it is despite many attempts to do away with it.

Mike Wallace: Journalist First, American Second (with Vintage Video)
Still hard to believe. But there it is.

One last thing: No Friday Cat Blogging today. I’m not sure if the tradition will continue. I have a few special things planned for the near future, but beyond that the options are limited. Thoughts?