Australian Troops To Stay ‘As Long As Necessary’: Minister


  1. At the begining of Dec we had 162k in Iraq, now we have 132K. 18% reduction in 3 months. Yet the 10% UK reduction over the next 3mo gets the news…

  2. The Australian units consist of: ‘Defense Minister Brendan Nelson said 450 soldiers deployed to guard Japanese military engineers and train Iraqi security forces in southern Iraq would be transferred to other duties in the area following an expected Japanese withdrawal. . . .In addition to the 450 soldiers deployed in southern Iraq, Australia has 450 troops stationed elsewhere in the country, mainly in and around Baghdad.’

  3. Hmm I’m pretty sure we have Navy and Air Force units there too. A couple of destroyers and some F-18s. At least, we did at some point. Also, there were some special forces there during the invasion but they probably left after that.