Stryker mortar firing

Al Anbar, Iraq (March 9, 2006) – A mortar is fired from a Stryker vehicle, assigned to which to the 4th Squadron, 14th Cavalry Regiment, during a test firing at the Combat Out Post Rawah, in the Al Anbar Province. The 1st Marine Division is currently deployed in support of the global war on terrorism. U.S. Marine Corps photo by Lance Cpl. Andrew D. Young (RELEASED)

Pic from Navy News Stand.

As noted earlier, the 172nd Brigade (to which the 4-14 CAV belongs) is the first Stryker brigade to deploy with the MC-B Stryker, with the mortar mounted aboard the vehicle and fired through the top of the hull, which opens. Previous mortar Strykers required the mortar team to set up their mortar outside their vehicle. The first two Stryker brigades will change to the new version (if they haven’t already).


  1. Hmm, some Israeli tanks (e.g. Merkava) have inbuilt mortars which can be fired from within the vehicle. I think that would be a good goal to strive for. That way, troops don’t have to leave the protection of the armour (which is actually pretty good against mortar fragments and such) to fire it.