Military Transformation Uplink

The premier edition of Military Transformation Uplink is up at Winds of Change. Yours Truly is hosting, and Joe Katzman is producing the venture, which is sort of a monthly Linkzookery featuring the latest and greatest concerning military transformation. Defense Tech and eDefense Online are supporting the report, and Murdoc’s thrilled to be given the opportunity to be part of what promises to be an exciting project.

Though there’s a lot of good material in the post, I think its just scratching the surface. In the coming months I aim to elevate our game to be on par with the other briefings at Winds, such as the Winds of War, Iraq Report, and the astoundingly good New Energy Currents.

If you blog about military issues, this post should give you some leads. If you’ve got leads for future Uplinks, send them in or leave them in the comments. In any event, go check it out and let us know what you think.

Here’s the heads up message Joe sent out:

Militaries around the world are moving to modernize and transform themselves to meet the challenges of the 21st century. Winds of Change.NET has joined with professional publications DefenseTech, Defense Industry Daily, and eDefense Online to bring readers a monthly cross-section of relevant, on-target stories, news, and analysis that will help keep you up to date. Stories are broken down by military category and presented as fast bullet points that orient you quickly, with accompanying links if readers wish to pursue more in-depth treatments.

Some of Today’s Targets of Opportunity Include: New ‘bunker busters’ that tunnel through stone; India moving toward more “strategic reach”; Euro UCAVs; Hunter-killer standoffs and Hellfire Jr.; FCS and urban warfare; Exoskeletons; Shooting down RPGs; Secret weapon – green laser pointers; Conventional ballistic missiles and ray guns; ‘Smart Operations 21’ process improvement; Budget games; QDR 2006 links and reactions; The Pentagon’s FY 2007 budget request; The Pentagon’s broken accounting system.


  1. hey, Murdoc – thanks for the words! the transformation uplink looks great already, though I’m sure you’ll find ways to improve it. the info-soup on winds is getting even thicker…