Murdoc wants one!

U.S. Army Divisions in World War II

I noticed this in a Blogad at Bill Roggio’s Fourth Rail. It’s a three-foot-wide poster summaring every Army division in WW2, along with chronology and casualty info for each.


Three maps give a graphical summary of campaign participation by theater. Available at History Shots. Very cool.

(NOTE: Murdoc has had no contact with History Shots. This isn’t an advertisement and I’m not being compensated in any way. But I’ll let them purchase a Blogad if they want…)


  1. I have absolutely no belief that we need an army anywhere that size today, Bram, but another couple of divisions sure would come in handy. I seem to recall that you share this opinion… In addition, a few more Marines and a sizable increase in Special Forces wouldn’t be out of line, either…

  2. I agree completely. I am just amazed that we were able to build an Army of that size and quality within a few years during WWII. What a monumental achievement it was to organize, train, and equip that many men.