flashv2n1.jpgGot this email:

Do you have a recommendation for a good but low cost (free?) Flash editor? I’ve heard Swish is great, but it’s $100. Anything cheap/free that you know of?

I immediately sent out this response:

I remember when Barry Allen was killed in the Crisis on Infinite Earths, and Wally West (formerly Kid Flash) took over. I have Flash (Vol. 2) #1. I don’t know who edited it, but I can look when I get home if you want. Don’t buy a back-issue. I have a couple extras if you need one. But even if you do buy it will be a lot less than $100.

but that apparently wasn’t what he was looking for. In fact, he told me to

shut up [emphasis in original]

I’m clueless about Flash editors. Anyone have a recommendation? Leave it in the comments.

Pic from the very cool Grand Comic-Book Database.


  1. I think that was sam somthing or another. Hell, I dunno. I write, tell other people to do stuff for me, etc. Great site, Murdoc, and it was nice talking to you at the STACLU chat.