Aermica joins coalition forces in Iraq

Hey i am a Aermican soldier in Iraq

Is it just me, or is this a bit fishy? On a Strategy Page discussion board, wales124 writes

Hey i am an Aermican soldier in Iraq so if u got any questions to ask please feel free to ask. Oh please ask as much as u can because i don’t have the joy of staying on the computer like u guys because i have to go on a but hunt for Saddam so i would not have too much time on these boards. So it may take me like 1 week to rely to your questions.

I’m not familar with the country of Aermica, although a google found me a Get Free Essays entry entitled “Religion in Aermica“. The preview of this feebie is

One of the more famouse of the inter contininal missonas of masodona is laten with many big fat rocks. As time progresses we see not only a gohst of the orinnal but a many different setting invovled with one or two others. Nicly put not only are there maor in the sae but more in the ocea as well.

(I guess you get what you pay for at Get Free Essays.)

So it appears that Aermica is a nation of morons, and now they’ve sent troops to Iraq. This should put an end to all the jokes about how many Polock GROM troopers does it take to screw in a lightbulb or questions about the effectiveness of Danish snowplows in the Iraqi desert.