Caption errors

Noticed this pic at the DoD’s OIF Gallery:

03/17/06 – A U.S. Army Soldier on top an M2A2 Bradley fighting vehicle provides security during Operation Swarmer at Blocking Point 21 northeast of Samarra, Iraq, March 17, 2006.

That’s an M113, not an M2A2. So once again we see that even those that should know better don’t always get it right.

My issue with inaccuracies in media reports on the military isn’t with harmless errors like this. This error doesn’t change the message or the meaning of the story. I’m all for accuracy at all times, but in this case it doesn’t change anything. That isn’t always the case, though.


  1. I started to read the caption before reading your post and had to reach for my glasses. I know I was on a M3A1 years ago, but I didn’t think they changed that much. I agree with you whole-heartily, this type of error leads to gentle ribbing/teasing, not chastisement for cluelessness in reporting on military matters.

  2. Furthermore, the issue I have with the media, is the failure of NOT reporting the many success stories! So many say they support the military…well, give a ‘pat on the back’ for those things which go well. You won’t hear much of anything! secondary question: Will you allow anyone to advertise a new product? Thanks