Friday Linkzookery – 31 Mar 2006

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Amphibious boats that drive in and out of the water

Man banned from hunting after shooting fake moose
He is SOOO busted. Besides the ban, he’s got a $4,000 fine and forfeits his rifle and HIS CAR.

Free magazine subscriptions for troops serving overseas
Primedia Inc. socres big points.

New Powered Eyes For Marine Snipers
The M-8541 scope.

“A Mushroom Cloud over Las Vegas…”
Divine Strake, a massive conventional explosion scheduled to take place at the Nevada Test Site this summer.

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Army’s About Face on Soldier-Bought Armor
As long as troops can exchange armor they bought for themselves for approved armor, this is the right move. I’d been wondering why “dragon skin” googles were bringing in so many. Is Dragon Skin good enough (or better)? Get it approved. Current armor suppliers (and their procurement minions) stonewalling? Bring pressure. The blogosphere will help if help is warranted.

The Private Body Armor Ban
Laughing Wolf (posting at Blackfive) weighs in on the Dragon Skin issue.

Marines Decline Extra Armor
Did someone mention armor?

Troops border deployment helped catch illegal aliens
The GAO says the Stryker deployment netted a 60% increase in illegal aliens netted. (Previous MO coverage of this here and here.)

ID theft a hidden cost of illegal immigration
As I said, some of these “undocumented immigrants” have more documents than Murdoc does.

Energy analysts warn of possible glut, plummeting prices
Murdoc will believe it when he sees it.

Great Moments in Cultural Exchange
“You may follow your custom. And then we will follow ours.” This, in a nutshell, is Murdoc’s philosophy on life, the universe, and everything. You do what you think is honestly right. And then I’ll do what I think is honestly right.

Yale Learning That Unless You Scrape it, the Poop Never Comes Off Your Shoe
I’ve wanted to comment on this subject , but I just haven’t made the time to learn enough to have a meaningful opinion. Go read and add your two cents at the Ministry.

Fair Reporting and The Tipping Point
Reinforce the good. Not just out of fairness. Because you want to win.

A PHOTO SUMMARY OF THE GREAT MARCH – March 25, 2006, Los Angeles, California
I think, for “the immigration debate” to be an honest one, this sort of thing needs wider circulation.

Springtime in Afghanistan
Bill Roggio on the annual snowmelt offensives.

32 Taliban Killed
The Cannucks help blunt said offensive. Our neighbors from the Great White North don’t get enough credit for their contribution in Afghanistan.

Enforcement -Again- falls to US on Iran
ThreatsWatch points out a succinct summary.

Sadr’s Shiites: If you Americans don’t let us shoot at you, we’re going to hold our breath until Iraq turns blue
Darth Sadr strikes again. It won’t be the last time.

Epic Records, Microsoft in Xbox 360 deal
A reader writes: “And so begins another flank attack by Microsoft on iTunes…” He wrote more, but it consists mostly of over-stretched analogy and only Murdoc has a license for those on Murdoc Online.

New fuel economy rules issued to auto industry: Large SUVs like Hummer H2, Chevrolet Suburban covered for the first time

This makes sense, which then begs the question: “Who are you, and what have you done with our government?!?

Iran Cracks Down on Blogs; Iraqi Woman’s Blog Nominated for Award
Blogs are a force. For something. Or other.

Will the Joint Strike Fighter Be as Successful as the F-16?
We can only hope.

GE lobbies for fighter engine
Murdoc thinks the cost of the second engine is outweighed by the risk (and associated cost) of going with only one.

The Carnival of Homeschooling — lucky week 13
Hosted this week at Why Homeschool.

NASA’s SAP Launch Drags
SAP is financial software and might be the only NASA program that the Shuttle is ahead of…

Prayer Study: Humans Fail to Manipulate God
Scrappleface weighs in on this issue.