Takin’ a step back

The Microsoft IE7 page says to download the Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2 Preview “released March 20th”. I had installed a Beta 2 preview on March 3rd, so I thought this was a newer version. I downloaded it but it wouldn’t install because it “was already installed”.

I never did get the disappearing masthead problem I noted earlier figured out, and the HTML formatting buttons on SBC Global’s online email page (which my wife uses extensively) were nowhere to be found. Otherwise, I had no problems with IE7. I guess I’d like to have an “open in new tab” option from the ‘Favorites’ menu like Firefox has, though.

Anyway, I had been hoping that the newer preview would fix the two issues I was having, but since I couldn’t get it to install (or maybe it really isn’t a new version) I uninstalled IE7 altogether. Unlike some reports, I had no problems whatsoever uninstalling.


  1. Unistall the first version through Add/Remove programs. You’ll revert back to IE6. The newer IE7 will then load.