“The immigration debate”

Now, I might be wrong, but I think there’s a very important word missing from this “immigration debate”. That word, of course, is “illegal“.

homeandsanctuary.jpgHere’s the text intro to a photo slideshow on MSNBC.com called “Home and Sanctuary“:

While the immigration debate has put a spotlight on border states like California and Texas, other immigrant communities continue to grow across the country. From young Somali cross-country athletes in Minnesota to Vietnamese refugees in Kansas and Hispanic shopkeepers in Idaho, foreign-born residents from all over the globe are shaping America’s culture and politics. Here are images from some of the towns and cities where recent and not-so-recent arrivals to the United States have made their homes.

The photos show a great cross-section of immigrants from various places, including one illegal alien from Mexico. That’s all well and good, of course, as long as we don’t lose sight of what “the immigration debate” is over. That slideshow has fifteen images.

This debate is not about immigration.

Exactly one of them, the one of an illegal immigrant, is directly related to “the immigration debate” that’s suddenly getting so much attention. Do not let anyone fool you. This is not about embracing, accepting, or tolerating other cultures. This is about the people who are here, for one reason or another, illegally. That is, against the law.

Some Americans think that it matters whether people here are here legally or not. Those who are here illegally, along with some of their friends and family, don’t like the fact that they may be held accountable for breaking the law. Sometimes they bite their tongues. Sometimes they don’t.

Here’s a front-page story on MSNBC.com: Arizona politicians in a tizzy over immigration. Get that? It’s a “tizzy”, which according to Merriam-Webster means “a highly excited and distracted state of mind“. Now, they may actually be in a “tizzy” for all Murdoc knows, though it seems more like a headline meant to demean or belittle the concern the politicians have for the issue. But, if you’re not paying close attention, that headline might give you the impression that the issue the politicians are in a “tizzy” about is “immigration”. How would the headline do this? Well, to begin with it says so outright.

But “immigration” is not the issue. This debate is not about immigration. This debate is about people who are not supposed to be here demanding the same rights and consideration that those who belong here get, and they’re upset that they might be treated like criminals simply because they intentionally broke the law. It appears that many of those who are upset would remain upset even if they were granted immediate citizenship. They aren’t interested in being Americans. They just want the benefits of being Americans. As long as they can get them on their terms.

Do not let anyone waste your time by telling you all about how America was founded by people from other countries and how America is the great melting pot and how America can be strengthened by certain aspects of other cultures. Not when discussing this issue. None of that has anything to do with “the immigration debate” we face today.

UPDATE: Oh, and it won’t be long until the major theme becomes “Why do xenophobic white Americans HATE Mexicans so much? Is it because they are insecure in their own selves?” I give it ten days tops. Don’t say Murdoc didn’t warn you.


  1. I heard a commentator on the radio yesterday say that the issue is not about immigration, legal or illegal. The problem is illegal MIGRATION. These people obviously do not want to become citizens of the US. If they did, they would not be waving Mexican flags, they would not be shutting down streets, they would speak English, they would not be demanding rights. Illegal immigrants would want to be US citizens. Illegal migrants want only the freedom to take advantage of our society while remaining citizens of another country. I think he was right. I do not think we have an illegal immigration problem. We have an illegal migration problem.

  2. Dfens: I agree 100% as noted in the post. I guess it comes down to terminology (as is often the case), and I generally prefer ‘illegal alien’ as it covers the bases. This isn’t the same as folks marching on St. Patrick’s day with the Irish flag. They are celebrating their Irish heritage and that’s not a problem. (Well, except for that green beer, but that’s a different subject.) The problem is when people are making a statement about who they are and ‘who they are’ is not a US citizen. That’s quite often what’s happening on this issue. Time was, when you were an illegal alien, you’d usually try to keep a low profile and hope no one noticed. The fact that many are not only not keeping a low profile but publicly protesting and RAISING THEIR FLAG on US government property should be a very clear signal that we have reached the problem stage and that the illegal aliens are reaching critical mass. Yet we get slideshows showing cute scenes of (legal) Solmali immigrants in Nebraska and hear about how America is a great melting pot…

  3. Oh, and it won’t be long until the major theme becomes ‘Why do xenophobic white Americans HATE Mexicans so much? Is it because they are insecure in their own self?’

  4. Did you catch this from Drudge? If that had been my high school, that Mexican flag would have come down and burned the same way. It’s good to see some things haven’t changed. Well, one thing has. I would not have been the one facing disciplinary action in those days. Only those responsible for raising the Mexican over the US flag would, once they got out of the hospital, of course.

  5. I’m a Texan. That being said I have no problem with hispanic americans. Hell, my Fiancee is Half Puertorican by heritage (all Texan though ;)). I have no problem with a ‘guest worker plan’ where they go through the proper channels to get a work visa and come into this country legally. What gets us alll upset is the people coming into this country illigally and expecting to be treated like citizens. Whats worse is the artificially suppressed wages they create, and the higher strain they put on OUR social services, that WE have to PAY for and they pay NOTHING for. I say lock down the boarder, build a wall and declair an that anyone caught in the US after the wall is finished will be deported and NEVER let back in. THey will be allowed to leave and then apply for citizenship if they want, and the system should be streamlined a little, but stop the damn hemmoraging. Either that or we go take over Mexico and do to it what we are trying to do to Iraq….probably be cheaper than putting up the wall in the long run…and we get all that oil 😉

  6. Why do xenophobic white Americans HATE Mexicans so much That is the real issue. Behind the whole immigration debate is the fact that white americans feel their culture is being overwhemled by foreigners, especaily by ones with a darker skin. The same thing happened one hundred years ago when my Irish and Polish granparents came here. The native born whites felt their white anglo-saxon protestant culture was being over run by potato eating catholics and not to mention those sisnster Jews. In 1921 they act inacted anti-immigartion laws to keep them out. They left out asians on the west coast and inacted another law in 1925. Because of those laws from the twenties legal immigration was stopped and has caused the mess we are in