Murdoc’s MilSearch

UPDATE: Check out the new and improved Murdoc’s MilSearch here.

Murdoc’s not sure what Rollyo did, but their drop-in search box seems to work correctly with IE now. So this is the official unveiling of Murdoc Online’s MilSearch Beta:

UPDATE: This Rollyo box apparently completely breaks MO when displayed on older versions of Firefox. Click the [READ THE REST…] to access Murdoc’s MilSearch.

If the page seems cut off after this point, you need to upgrade your Firefox…Otherwise, search away:

What I’ve done is create a searchroll consisting of the following sites:

Just enter your search terms in the box and click ‘GO’. Rollyo will search the sites in the list for you.

And if you’ve got suggestions for more sites, pass them on. Space is limited and we’re trying to build a high-quality resource that returns high-value results, but any suggestion will be considered.

MO’s MilSearch will also be available on the left sidebar. In the near future I am going to explore the possibility to alter the appearance of the interface.