Murdoc’s MilSearch…lost

UPDATE: Check out the new and improved Murdoc’s MilSearch here.

Well, when a commenter said that the Rollyo MilSearch thing broke Firefox, he wasn’t kidding. Although it worked fine in version, one of my machines at home run 1.0.7 and it skunks the page. So I’ve removed the post and the box on the sidebar for the time being.


UPDATE: Due to popular demand, I’ve managed to get the Rollyo MilSearch box up in a way that won’t completely trash users of older versions of Firefox. To access Murdoc’s Milsearch, click the MilSearch link in the banner menu above. But only if you’re not running older versions of Firefox.

If folks could leave a little feedback on any problems they encounter, it would be much appreciated.


  1. OT: Where are the Jordanian donated tracks? The only tracks I have seen were RS designs. No M113/Spartans.

  2. dj elliot: I’ve seen a few pics of them, including one of some Iraqi police M113s that I meant to post but never got to. Now I can’t seem to find it. If I come across anything, I’ll throw it up.

  3. Police? 1st (or 8th) Police Mech Bde looks like BTR-80/94s. Did they trade the tracks out? Every PO and Cdo unit looked wheeled as well. Receiving Reva APCs. Note: The police Bdes are being reorganized to even out the ethnic mix and I think that is why 8th Pol Mech is now refered to as 1st Pol Mech.

  4. I am either trippin balls or that crash did more than just drop the computer. All the Blue is now PINK and you got a peace sybol with yellow squigly ‘Murdoc everyones opinion is EQUALLY VALID’ Whats up it hurts my eyes

  5. That’s a nifty search tool, and works fine with the latest version of Firefox, as far as I can tell. If people are using older versions, they need to upgrade. Don’t care for the new header with the peace sign. Is somebody playing games with you, …doc? ACE

  6. That is actually a wicked april fools murdoc. you had me too, scratching my head for quite a while lol. I’d have to rank that as one of the best apr. fools i’ve seen

  7. I’d recommend putting the Rollyo MilSearch back up there. It works fine on my latest version of Firefox, and if it doesn’t work for some, it is certainly possible to update. It’s a good thing and you can’t necessarily accommodate for all browsers that are not up-to-date. By the way, you didn’t fool me with the header with ‘everyone’s opinion is equally valid’ since that concept pretty much goes against everything I know about Murdoc. Not that you are closed minded or anything, but you just have a reasonable amount of discernment!

  8. MilSearch fans…I’m going to put it back, just not on the main page. You’ll have to follow a link to get it. Thanks for your positive feedback, guys. You’ve convinced me to put the effort in to make this available. I agree that those with older browsers should just upgrade, but if they show up one day and they only get the very top of the page (which is what happened on older FF versions in this case) they aren’t going to go ‘oh, I guess I had better upgrade’. They’ll just think I have a dumb website. I also limit pictures (or thumbnails) to 400px wide to accommodate 800×600 screen resolution even though it’s sort of a pain in the axe for most of us. About 10-15% of MO readers use 800×600. That’s down from about 20% a year or so ago. I’ve decided when it is in the 5%-10% range I’ll start formatting things based on 1024×720. At least in this case they’ll just get a cut off picture instead of a totally broken page like the Rollyo thing.