Train like you fight

4th Stryker BCT run live-fire drills at Korean range


Four Strykers rolled through Rodriguez range, firing their .50-caliber guns until within infantry range of the wooden shacks serving as the terrorist hideout.

Soldiers then began pouring out of the vehicles, setting up a line of suppressive fire while another Stryker squad stormed the shacks.

I’m pretty sure this means that this is the current 2nd Cavalry Regiment. The current 2nd Cav will re-flag as the 4th BCT of the 2nd Infantry Division when the current 1st Brigade of the 25th Division re-flags as the 2nd Cavalry Regiment and transfers to Germany this summer. The 172nd Brigade will then take their place as the 1st Brigade of the 25th Division when it returns from Iraq later this year.


  1. It is 2CR in Korea. But they’ll become 4th BCT (I think it’s 4th, might actually be 2nd) of 2ID, not 3ID. Which, with the third Stryker brigade they’ll be standing up at Ft Lewis after 1/25 leaves, will mean they’ll have 2d, 3d, and 4th BCTs (all Stryker) of 2ID at Ft Lewis, while 1st BCT and the division HQ will remain in Korea.