Ten of Diamonds

Former Iraq V.P. in U.S. custody

Taha Yasin Ramadan al-Jizrawi, former vice president of Iraq under Saddam Hussein, was captured by Kurdish forces in northern Iraq and handed over to US forces today.

He was detained in Mosul as a result of cooperation between the political parties and residents, Adel Murad of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) said in Baghdad. The PUK is one of two main Kurdish parties in northern Iraq which fought alongside U.S. forces in the war in Iraq.
Al-Jazeera, the Qatar-based satellite broadcaster, said Tuesday that Ramadan was captured wearing peasant clothing as a disguise.

Ramadan is #20 on the most wanted list and the 10 of diamonds in the deck of cards.

According to a profile on the BBC

When made industry minister in the 1970s, he reportedly told colleagues: “I don’t know anything about industry. All I know is that anyone who doesn’t work hard will be executed.”

Typical management. Except that he was maybe a literal bloodsucker.