Second LCS to be named “Independence”

Navy Names New Littoral Combat Ship

The Navy is, for the first time, recycling a name previously given to a super carrier. Murdoc still thinks that CV 78 should be named “USS America” after CV 66, sunk in weapons tests last year.

This LCS is General Dynamics’ trimaran design which will be used for ships 2 and 4. Lockheed-Martin is building ships 1 and 3. See the Navy’s LCS page for more info on both programs.

UPDATE: Also: Raytheon’s SeaRAM to go aboard General Dynamic’s Littoral Combat Ship:

SeaRAM is the latest addition to Raytheon’s world-class ship self-defense suite combining the Phalanx Block 1B close in weapon system and the Rolling Airframe Missile (RAM) guided missile weapon system.

SeaRAM is a low-cost spiral development of the proven Phalanx Block 1B and RAM, the latter produced jointly by Raytheon and RAMSYS of Germany. Intended to enlarge Phalanx’s keep-out range against sea-skimming anti-ship
missiles, SeaRAM utilizes enhanced Phalanx sensors and replaces the M61A1 20 mm gun with an 11-round RAM missile guide. In addition, SeaRAM will likely bring the first U.S. Navy implementation of the RAM Block 1A Helicopter, Aircraft, and Surface (HAS) capability to the fleet.

(For more info on the Phalanx Block 1B, see MO’s CIWS now does surface targets, too.)

Photo of SeaRAM below the fold


Pic from Raytheon’s literature on the SeaRAM (.pdf).


  1. Hey, Murdoc. Remember that all American ships with cool names eventually became the fleet’s capital ships, like the Constitution class frigates, then the Yorktown class carriers. OK maybe this is a stretch but I predict the small ships taking the spotlight away from the heavyweights in the near future.

  2. Independence is a ‘traditional’ name. Like the 8 Enterprises in USN history (last two were birdfarms). Or the 5 Yorktowns (two were birdfarms, last one was a cruiser). Since birdfarms are now being named for politicians, cruisers are not being built and tincans are named for decorated heros, what else was there left for the traditional names? P.S. Served on CV62, CVN65, & CG48…