“Frankenstein’s Monster” Humvee

From Frontline Photos:


Army Spc. Anthony Jorgensen, 24, of Philadelphia, mans the turret of a Humvee called Frankenstein’s Monster that has been modified with “Pope Glass” around the turret. Soldiers have welded the bulletproof glass, meant for Humvee front windshields, onto the turrets on dozens of Humvees in insurgent-infested Ramadi, Iraq.

Incidentally, has anyone heard anything at all about that Nanotech Armor For HMMWV MO posted on in November of 2003? It’s called the “Save A Gunner” (SAG) Turret. If anyone knows anything, pass it on.

UPDATE: Pic of another ‘Frankensteined’ Humvee below

A reader tips us off to this:

From Army.mil.


  1. HL: Yes…didn’t mean to say that it was the exact same vehicle. This one isn’t named ‘Frankenstein’, but it’s Frankenstein in nature. I modified my post.

  2. I wonder how much protection it’d give in a roll-over. Probably just fold up and pinch the gunner.