More on the armor debate

Pinnacle Armor Dragon Skin vs. Interceptor Body Armor–Fight’s On

Defense Review on this hotbutton issue. Lots of links.


  1. One of my coworkers is an Ex-SEAL (blew his eardrum on a training dive). He has stated, in no uncertain terms that the Interceptor is CRAP and that the Dragon Skin is the PREFERRED armor of the civvies, Spec Ops, and anyone else that can afford it. Frankly Moran needs to be investigated, as does Natick and charges need to be filed. This is getting fraggin ridiculous.

  2. The article is right – both vests should be tested by independent agencies and the results made public. Then we can stop pising in the wind about which is better.

  3. Oh I agree whole heartedly with that. I just don’t want it to be a sham like what they did to the Stoner m63. I say Pinnicle chooses a testing house, Natick chooses one, and an independant entity chooses one. Best two out of three wins. And the tests are MONITERED to make sure they arn’t skewing them. The 63 was scuttled because it ‘wouldn’t reliably cycle all the ammo tested’. Some of that ammo wouldn’t reliably cycle the AR15 either, but they left that little fact out.