Pics of the C-5 Galaxy crash

The Officer’s Club has a few.

Murdoc remains astounded that no one was killed..


  1. The really amazing thing should be – that it didn’t catch on fire when it belly landed!

  2. There was a C-5 that was hit by an SA-7 flying out of BIAP, in I think 2004. It took the hit turned around and landed again!

  3. Fellers, Astounded no one was killed? Hell, I’m astounded the thing actually flys, and I’m an aviator to boot! It’s more like a million parts flying in close formation… I flew back from Europe in one many years ago, and I swear to God it was like listening to the boiler room of the Titanic inside that beast. Constant humming and bumping and flumping of pumps and boosters, whines and fans and God alone knows what else sorts of Hogwart Magic was running that thing. I was ever so glad to get back to something I could sit in and see from one end to the other without optics…. Respects, AW1 Tim