The 5 ‘W’s and a bit of simple fact-checking

Some blogger thinks he’s on to something because he figures that Michelle Malkin’s post times and the airline flights she claimed to be on that day are at odds with one another. He concludes that she’s either lying or that someone else is doing at least some of her writing.

Malkin responds with My Work Ethic and chides him on his obsession with where she is when.

But the BEST PART is that today’s post from the guy:

It appears that I was wrong when I implied yesterday that Michelle Malkin’s blogging schedule didn’t leave a gap large enough for a plane flight to Minnesota. I apologize to her for that.

I give the guy props for owning up, but sheesh! I left this comment on his site, which hasn’t been approved yet:

After all your brouhaha yesterday you were WRONG about the schedules? LOL!

It took you only “about 15 minutes to throw together the post”…how much of that time was spent checking the schedules you based your accusation on?

That’s hilarious.

Unbelievable. I’m sure he’s just LOVING all the attention his detective work has earned him.

In his apology post he goes on

The idea that Michelle Malkin has a co-author did not originate with me. Indeed, Malkin has herself vaguely acknowledged that her husband has “helped [her] with a handful of blog posts out of the estimated 3,000 [she’s] written since June 2004.” Of course, everything on her blog goes out under her own byline, not her husband’s, so readers never really know for sure whether a particular idea or turn of phrase is hers or her husband’s. For a person whose whole career is about presenting her ideas, it strikes me as important to be very clear about which words are her own and which are someone else’s.

All of my posts go out under the byline “Murdoc”. Does that mean I’m misleading readers if I use “a particular idea or turn of phrase” that originated with, gasp, my wife? I mean, does this guy live alone in a cave on an island with no access to any ideas or turns of phrases from outside his own skull? That is a pretty weird point to be trying to make in the same post you admit that you screwed up big-time yesterday.

(Full Disclosure: I’m pretty sure I’ve heard the expression “big-time” somewhere before, though I can’t remember when or where the first time was. I do NOT mean to pass “big-time” off a turn of phrase of my own creation. If I can find out where I first heard it I will update this post and include proper attribution.)

For the record: Murdoc often writes posts and schedules them to post later in the day. Or the next day, even. Sometimes it is because I know I will be traveling or unable to post or some other reason, but usually it’s just because I want to space things out instead of having a big jam of posts at lunch and in the evening. And Friday Linkzookery is always set to publish at about 3:30 PM on Friday, even though I initially create the post early in the week and add to it as the day passes.

Finally, in Moveable Type, the time listed on the post is the time the post creation window was initially opened, not when it was actually published. Sometimes, especially if it took me a long time to write the post, I will change this to accurately reflect the time of publication. But often I don’t.

Maybe Malkin does use ghost writers. I guess I’m not so sure that it really matters all that much, either way.


  1. Posted this myself… I shall also have to wait to see if gets left up: Why even mention her husband? She can do anything with him if she wants… ‘so readers never really know for sure whether a particular idea or turn of phrase is hers or her husband’s’ Maybe you forget the whole idea of being married. It’s not just a legal term- you don’t get married to make life easy. You get married to spend your life together. (this even includes sharing thoughts, opinions, trusting, etc.) BTW, I’m not even married, but it’s pretty damn obvious to me. I don’t read Michelles blog (not that it’s bad), but I got a link from Murdoc Online and was confused as to what motive you had for this. (only one I could think of was that you were in some way jealous – any chance of enlightenment?)

  2. Yeah…it’s just weird. There seems to be some particular irritation to Leftie-ish types caused by Malkin, though I guess I don’t know for sure even that this guy is a Leftie-ish sort. Anyway, you are spot-on about being married. If someone married claimed that nothing they wrote reflected in any way the thoughts or ideas of their spouse…then I’d start thinking they were being dishonest. This isn’t the sort of thing that Murdoc normally comments on, but I must admit that the Malkin-hatred (this being but a very mild example) is getting more than a bit old. But I thought that it gave me a great opportunity to spell out MO’s M.O. when it comes to post times and such…