Indiana Jones is a Marine?!?

Noticed this yesterday on

CAMP HANSEN, OKINAWA, Japan – The sun fades into the horizon as students of Special Operations Training Group’s Scout Swimmer Course don their wetsuits in preparation for an amphibious raid March 29 at Kin Blue. During the course, the students learned how to operate as forward reconnaissance and provide security for raid forces. The students are staff members of SOTG. Photo by: Lance Cpl. Warren Peace

Murdoc immediately noticed what he finds to be an incredible similarity to something completely unrelated to the Marines. Click below to see if Murdoc’s onto something.

This, of course, is the scene from ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ where Sallah’s diggers are excavating the entrance to the Well of the Souls.

Uncanny. Well done, Lance Cpl. Peace!


  1. Fellers, Excellent…. most well staged and shot. My congrats to the PO who took the shot:) Respects, AW1 Tim

  2. Well yanno, raiders are raiders wherever you find them…. well excepting Oakland of course.

  3. Wow, what an eye you have for pictures Murdoc. (Either that or you have watched your Indiana Jones collection so many times that you dream about it every night.) I truly am impressed!

  4. KTLA: Okay. I give. For the life of me I can’t think of where that quote’s from. It seems that the corporal is kissing a girl, but I’m stumped. Vstress: That shot is one of my favorite shots in all of film. I cropped the sides a bit to make it match a bit closer. There’s a frame where the diggers much more closely match the Marines, but Indy is facing the wrong way. Jesse: Something was nagging at me about that name…

  5. Corporal, have that removed.’ Stripes. John Laroquette (sp?) stupidly trips on a sidewalk or something, asks a nearby corporal to have it removed as if it weren’t his fault. Always a classic.