GUEST POST: Gold Star Mother Julie Barkey

Note: In recognition of Iraqi Liberation Day (April 9th) a group of bloggers are publishing guest posts by veterans or members of their families. Murdoc Online is honored to be part of this effort.

My son, Michael Barkey, came from a family proud to serve in the military. His father, grandparents, aunt, and brothers were all in the military. The military made better people of all three of my sons. It made them appreciate home and family, and what we have as Americans.

Michael Barkey

He died on one of his missions where he was responsible for the safe transport of many supplies throughout a very dangerous part of Iraq, and ultimately, his unit provided security to other convoys so that they may pass safely as well. We are all proud of his brave service for his country.

Read about Michael here.

With that in mind, I am continuously frustrated with the negative media. It is hard for me to sit there and listen to, read, or watch the media talk only of the bombings and deaths in Iraq. Good things are happening in Iraq.

I have teamed up with Families United in order to show my support for our troops and their mission. Learn more here.

In order to more effectively do this, we need your help.

Please go to this website — — sign the letter, and forward it to your friends.

I am proud of what Michael did, I’m proud of the mission, and I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished there. I hope you will join me and encouraging the national media to recognize that Iraqi Liberation Day is on April 9th. Don’t Ignore this Milestone!

Julie Barkey
Gold Star Mother
Canal Fulton, Ohio

Murdoc is humbled by the sacrifice that the men and women in uniform have made for this nation. Often forgotten is the sacrifice made by the families and friends of our service members, some of whom will never see their loved ones again on this earth. Let’s make sure we remember them all and make sure that the sacrifices have not been made in vain.

(This blog publishing effort was headed up by Patrick Hynes of Ankle Biting Pundits. Kudos. Others posting: LGF, Right Wing News, Iowa Voice, Hyscience, Sister Toldjah, Captain Ed, Gay Patriot, Sunnye Side, Sixth Column, PoliPundit, Lake Minnetonka Liberty, Soldiers’ Angel – Holly Aho, Red State, Michelle Malkin)

UPDATE: Also, don’t miss the guest post by my friend and co-worker with some of his memories and feelings three years after he participated in Operation Iraqi Freedom.


  1. God bless Julie Barkey and her amazing courage and strength. We CANNOT let our troops down when they have given and sacrficed so much! We live in freedom because of what they do and I will be forever grateful to all who serve and defend us.