American flags not allowed in American schools?

Students suspended over shirts

Just over a year ago I pointed out (in a Friday Linkzookery) precursor that a Dutch school had prohibited Dutch flags out of fear that Moroccan students might cause trouble over them. Now it’s Denver.

(Hey, but at least our Congressmen are standing up for what’s right. As in “yeah…RIGHT!”. Jerks.)

I realize that safety of students is involved, so Murdoc is willing to give the school district a grace period. Let’s say, oh, five days to clear out every student likely to take offense at American flags AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. See, I’m not concerned that anyone would take offense. Not at all. I’m just concerned that someone would take so much offense that they would decide it was worth harming someone or something over it.

They appear to be getting their ducks in a row, and that’s good to see. It’s behavior that needs to be disciplined here, in the mentioned separate case of taunting, not the clothing. While obscene and other “questionable” clothing can (and often should) be controlled, I have trouble seeing how clothing with the US flag on it falls into that category.

After the grace period expires? Come down like a TON OF BRICKS on violators.

This is ridiculous.


  1. I for one, am pleased to see that this flag desicration is banned. As Im sure you are aware, wearing, writing on, and otherwise mutilating the flag is considered desecration.

  2. Wow, is all I can say. If certain students are taunting others with the flag then disipline the offending students. Not letting anyone where any Red, White and Blue is crazy. Yes I am aware that wearing the flag is a desacration but what about Marine shirts or any other service type shirt, there shouldn’t be a ban on those. A patch or a pin seems normal to me, I remember having a old army jacket when I was in high school and it had a flag patch on it, wow. Seems like this principle just made a bad decision, I think the intentions were good but the exacution was really bad.

  3. I can actually sympathise with the underlying intentions. The US system is designed to bring up American citizens, which is fair enough, but quite wrong for children of expatriates who might be working there during their children’s formative years. I know this is a special case, but it’s quite wrong to deprive others of their own cultural heritage. I know this is a special case, but it’s a real one. Thoirty odd years ago the children of Falkland Islanders working in the USA were forced to submit their children to alien Spanish language education because the bureaucracy had determined that that was what they should have, despite being from an English speaking background.