DD(X) to be the DDG 1000 ‘Zumwalt’ class

Navy Designates Next-Generation Zumwalt Destroyer

The Navy has announced that the first DD(X) destroyer will be designated DDG 1000. As the lead ship in the class, it will also be named in honor of former Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) Admiral Elmo R. “Bud” Zumwalt, Jr.

For more information on Admiral Zumwalt, see the DefenseLINK release.


  1. Hmm, the Australian Jindalee over-the-horizon radar can apparently track aircraft wakes. I wonder if it can track ship wakes too? I believe it’s VLF (but I could be wrong), so I’d be interested to see what stealth ships look like to it.

  2. Nicholas Below is nice site detailing alternate uses of Over the horizon radars. The Navy has a couple of them. Deployment is an issue with respect to some arms control treaties. About ship wakes – yes they can. http://www.etl.noaa.gov/technology/archive/othr/ The sight below show how a SAR can be used to track ships. Note that it can track changes in the ocean (wake) thus stealth is ineffective in those instances. (If you use an Inverse SAR – then the radar measures the movement of the ship – not the ship itself.) http://techdigest.jhuapl.edu/td2101/pichel.pdf Steve The VERA’s can’t detect stealth planes. In fact by itself it cannot detect planes at all. (If you turn off your electronics. But they can form a critical link to a real nasty air defense network. Use the VERA as overwatch so your active systems can stay hidden to the last second.

  3. Fascinating stuff- I wonder if that reduced wake prototype posted on a while back would be less effected by the system. As for VERA, the article I linked to mentioned the stealth ac detection. How good it is at this, it didn’t say, though as you point out it would have to work in conjunction with other things.

  4. A good way to view the Vera is to think of it as a ground based version of a RC-135 River Joint. So it could detect & track a stealth plane based on its EM radiation. Unless the Vera is far better then advertised, we had this capability back in 1984 only better. You only needed one unit, and it had over the horizon capability. We used them to map the locations, frequency, comm channels, and power output of soviet radars. The recievers / base station could be hauled in a couple truck trailers. You could even put the unit in the bed of a C-130.