Friday Linkzookery – 14 Apr 2006

Marines Ban Under Armour
Though the moisture-wicking undershirts are immensely popular, the potential for burn and melt injuries from the synthetic fabric is deemed too great. DoD release here.

Iraqi Forces Gaining in Logistics Capability
Recall that this is a critical component that separates ‘Level 1’ units from ‘Level 2’.

Coalition Forces Kill AQIZ Ambassador
Pakistan Strikes at High Value Target
Two big hits covered on Bill Roggio’s Fourth Rail.

We Prefer The Marines
Foreign armies prefer the Marines’ training to that of Special Forces?

Thursday Winds of War: April 14/06
I don’t always point out these reports on Winds of Change, though I should.

Energy Markets and Policies: 2006-04-14
New Energy Currents: 2006-04-05
More can’t-miss coverage at Winds of Change. These are really top-notch energy-related collections.

A DEA agent was giving a gun safety show-and-tell presentation to some kids and shot himself in the foot
Happened in 2004. Now he’s suing because the video made it onto the internet.

The Time Has Come to Shut Down Sudan
Not sure what the right approach to this is for the US, but I’m pretty sure “basically ignore it” isn’t it.

Troops Reject New Body Armor as Dangerous
Though this isn’t the first time we’ve heard about troops rejecting additional armor, though I wrote earlier that they probably would, and though I think the political grandstanding over this issue was generally shameful, I do think it’s good that the add-ons are available. Some troops in some situations will find them very welcome.

Migrants Rush Arizona Border in Anticipation of Guest Worker Program
No immigration plan of any sort will have any meaningful impact until/unless we secure the border. Do that first. Then figure out how to fix the mess.

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Too Much Happy Talk on the Economy
Hillary Clinton is apparently afraid that everyone will find out that she and almost all the Dems have been almost totally wrong all along and that Bush’s plans are working. Fortunately for her, the media won’t let that happen.

Iraqi Military Police Company Receives Polish Army Vehicles
Photos of the DZIK-3s joining the Iraqi MPs. Poland will provide a total of 600 of the vehicles to the new Iraqi government.

Iraqi Infrastructure Attacks Down 60 Percent in Last Three Months
Iraqi security rightly forces receive a large share of the credit.

Israel Considering Lockheed’s Littoral Combat Ship Design
Lockheed’s design is the monohull, not the trimaran. But it seems that an LCS-type ship would fit the Israeli navy perfectly.

I don’t think your protest means what you think it means
Buckethead on the so-called “immigration” protests.

Why they sell “mountain” guns

Ahmadinejad Predicts End of Israel: “Soon”
That ol’ Persian situation just ain’t getting any better.

Iran Extravaganza Post
More Mullah Madness than you can shake a cruise missile at.

Taxes and Illegal Immigration
Michael Williams: “We have a word for people who try to improve their lives by breaking the law: criminals“.

First wave of Stryker soldiers to arrive at Grafenwöhr in May
2nd Cav getting ready to hit the Continent.

No Pal in PayPal?
Hopefully you declared all your online purchases

Letter to the Marines
Blackfive points out a cool one.

The troubles of Donald Rumsfeld
Belmont Club on the retired Generals calling for the end of Rummy’s reign.

Sailors Train for Mission in Afghanistan
They will be helping train the Afghan army.

Carrier’s new systems passing muster in tests
Nearly all of the critical design technologies planned for the CVN-21 aircraft carrier are expected to be realized. The only one lagging is the air conditioning system.

Carrier industry mounts budget defense
A new CVN-21 every four years?

Save Wissler Ranch Citizens Group
A Colorado school district repeatedly tried to buy some land but were unsuccessful. Thank goodness for eminent domain. (Don’t pretend that you own your land…I mean, who besides a public school district would know how to get the most out of any given resource?)

Disturbing National Security News
Almost all news on National Security is “disturbing”, it seems. Oh, well. At least they’re locking down the southern border…

15th Edition of the Carnival of Homeschooling
This week at Tami’s Blog.


  1. Commenting of Marines vs SF training, one of the things foreign governments may not like about SF training is that one of the goals of SF training has always been an indoctrination into U.S. military ethics: civilian control of the military, human rights, etc. Tom Clancy (in his book on the Special Forces) credits SF training in Central America with some of those countries’ post-Soviet era successes in moving towards democratic systems. Considering that few governments we provide training to are true liberal democracies (liberal in the sense of ‘liberty’ not liberal in the sense of Democrat vs Republican), I would expect leaders of those countries would rather have the pure military training of the Marines, rather than the SF, who have the gall to train their militaries in ethics.