MO: Eponym’s blog of the day

eponymblogoftheday2.jpgI’m not familiar with Eponym blogs, but in their wisdom they’ve chosen Murdoc Online as the “Blog of the Day” on their homepage. Murdoc thinks anything that makes Murdoc look cool is cool, so, ummm, cool.

If anyone has any feedback on the Eponym system, toss it up in the comments. As blogging’s popularity continues to grow, blogging services are coming out of the woodwork. Murdoc doesn’t think there’s any substitute for your own domain and hosting, and recommends Moveable Type as his blogging platform of choice, but everyone has their own means and needs.

Murdoc’s got a busy schedule the next couple of days, so blogging will continue to be a bit lighter than usual. I won’t be totally off the air, and there should be enough Linkzookery to keep you going for a while, but if content here is getting a bit stale don’t forget to check out the sites listed in the left sidebar under Links or the extensive blogrolls on MO’s Links page.