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  1. Shipmates, You know, there’s something to be said for a polite society, and that is exactly what we used to have in the country, beforee all of the gun control laws went into effect. It was especially true in the days before the 1st World War. Folks tipped their hat’s to ladies. They smiled and said good-day. Please, thank you, sir and ma’am were learned by rote and as much a part of your vocabulary as your name. Why was that? because everyone was considered to be armed. Might be a Colt single-action worn openly. Might be a pocket pistol in a coat, migght be a Derringer or hideout in a vest pocket. Might also be a knife. The point is that no one wanted to be the first to start something that might turn out badly. That’s one reason the US always got along well with the Soviets. yeah, it was a Cold War and a LOT of folks in both military’s died, but still, no one rattled too many sabres, because they knew that to go beyond such a point meant the very real possibility of national destruction. Fast forward to today. Iran, and, to a lesser extent, North Korea, Al Quaida and other terrorist groups apparently never bothered to pay attention to what was happening in the world this past century. They are brandishing their dabres, taunting the lion in his own den, and playing an extremely dangerous game. The Soviets knew that we were certain to follow through with a massive and sustained attack if we were attacked. We knew that they would do the same, so both sought victory through other means. Iran sees only power. North Korea sees only power. Al Quaida sees only power, and all three see the US and think of Vietnam. They see politicians and think of Kerry, Kennedy, and Murtha. They have never read of Antietam, Gettysburg, Cold Harbor, Normandy, Tarawa, Iwo Jima, Chosin, or Khe San. It’s time that someone set down with the Iranians, and Hezzbollah, and Hamas and North Korea, and explained to them about polite society. About America’s willingness to absorb terrific hits and keep on fighting, about how, once we set our mind to it, we won’t be stopping until we get what we want. The Germans tried their vengeance and terror weapons against us. The Japanese thried terror and suicide attacks. Look where both ended up. There are some heads of state who could use a brief history of the last 2 centuries explained to them. While they still have a nation to rule. Polite society is good. Respects, AW1 Tim

  2. Thanks, Robert. I happend to be sitting here working on something and noticed it. Now it’s back up. Down for about 10-15 minutes. Bummer. Trial will continue, though I’m not nearly as optimistic as I was 20 minutes ago.

  3. Interesting post tim, I think I agree with the overall gist of it but I do have some counterpoints The tendency towards giving up of late is a very real weakness of the US. The ability of people who give in, in a setting where that is the worst possible thing to do do manage to get in power. If kerry had indeed, won it might be much different then it is now. Another point is that teaching them to be ‘polite’ as you say, might not actually work. Mutually assured destruction might not hold much sway. My guess is the moment they have a nuke and a delivery platform its going to be inbound for israel, retaliation be darned. The leaders who made the decision will likely be safe in there nuclear bunkers anyway.

  4. Steve, Yeah, I agree with you about Iran. I suspect it’s only a matter of when, not if… sigh … Also, my apologies to all for the spelling errors. My only excuse is 4 rounds of eye surgery and I’m facing a fifth in a couple months. Heck, I’d Like to be facing a fifth right now…. of quality Bourbon:) Until they drain the oil out of my right eye and replace it with the proper fluid, my depth perseption will be a bit dicey, so occasionally I aim for one key and get another. Or none at all… Anyway, back to the comments, it’s awfully hard to rationalize, or even to speak coherently with a zealot. They have one point of view and nothing will change that. Single-issue, tunnel-vision, whatever. They’re headed down a certain path and you either stop them before someone gets hurt, try and minimize the fallout, or go along for the ride. In the case of nuclear-armed Mullahs, I know where my priorities would lie. Respects to all, AW1 Tim

  5. I agree, talks, debate with Iran as far as there concerned means one thing to them: more time to achive there goal. The biggest mistake the west has made as a culture IMO is to assume that other cultures are willing to co-exist peacefully with us- that there ambition is not to take over. The US and Euros I think have reached a certain point after 3 world wars where we collectively got tired of killing each other over political and racial ideology. However, I don’t belive everybody is on this page- especically, the middle east. For example, this quote from the iranian figurhead (quote via Malkin) ‘Like it or not, the Zionist regime is heading toward annihilation,’ Ahmadinejad said at the opening of a conference in support of the Palestinians. ‘The Zionist regime is a rotten, dried tree that will be eliminated by one storm.’ That is not very peacefull sounding rhetoric. In fact, ‘eliminated by one storm’ sounds a lot like a nuclear warhead going off. Like you say, you can either try and stop this, or go along for the ride. Oh well, good luck with your eye thing and happy easter.

  6. The Germans tried their vengeance and terror weapons against us. The Japanese thried terror and suicide attacks. Look where both ended up.’ Maybe thats the whole reason… If the US devastate the country, they will also help to rebuild it. Look at the Japanese and German (not so much now due to the EU) economies. They are doing very well for themselves these days. But then again, they should look at N and S Korea, I really wonder how people can’t see what choice is the beneficial one.

  7. If the US devastate the country, they will also help to rebuild it.’ Wasn’t there a play that was based on that premise, only they made the mistake of winning…

  8. The thing that kept the Russians at bay was the fact they were pretty darn sure if they tried anything we’d nuke them into the stone age. Today these little turd bowls like Iran are convinced of just the opposite. That would be ok, if we had something as terrifying to use on them too. Let’s face it, we don’t. We have precision munitions and bombs of ever decreasing size and potents. We worry more about collateral damage and how much things are going to cost to rebuild than we do about striking some terror of our own. We are pretty much a country of sissies. What passed for ‘shock and awe’ in the opening days of the Iraq thing was only really shocking if you considered the price in US dollars. We’ve got little that will lay down a sonic boom. Nothing that’ll do it loaded with any appreciable amount of ordinance. Our enemies should hear a sonic boom and wonder if that’s the last thing they’ll ever hear in their miserable life time. We have the technology to do it, but not the will. We’re too busy building woosie UAVs. I wanted to comment on that Rumsfeld article, though. I think he needs to go. He keeps saying ‘reform, reform.’ It’s not reform to put the foxes in charge of the hen house. That’s just stupidity. Everyone he’s hired to reform the DoD has been hired away from Lockmart or Boeing. I guess his idea of reform is to go from the defense contractors getting almost everything they want to their getting all of everything they want. He cuts troop levels to fund his bloated sacred cow programs. What sense does that make? It takes as many decades to build a fighter now as it took years to build the previous generation. Is that progress? Does that say to you, let’s put the defense contractors in charge, they obviously know what they’re doing? It doesn’t say that to me. Let’s get him out of there and put an ex-fighting guy in there (not an ex-fighter guy, mind you). Procurement is a total joke, and all it does is go from bad to worse. Let’s start looking out for the real heros and stop the techno-welfare. As good a place as I can think to start the process is by giving Rumsfeld his notice.