Aloha, USS Honolulu

Pearl Harbor, Hawaii (April 12, 2006) – The Los Angeles-class fast attack submarine USS Honolulu (SSN 718) prepares to get underway for its final deployment to the Western Pacific. Following the deployment it will return to Bremerton, Washington to begin inactivation. U.S Navy photo by Journalist 2nd Class Corwin Colbert (RELEASED)

Honolulu has served since 1985 and has been based in Pearl Harbor. Pic from Navy News Stand.

A shipboard tradition is for each deployment crew to sign a surfboard.

Though Hawaii is losing the Honolulu, it is gaining the third Virginia-class sub, USS Hawaii, next year. Honolulu is an older Los Angeles-class boat without the vertical launch tubes for cruise missiles added to hulls 719 and up.