The UN is on top of the ol’ Perisa situation, I see

babUNIran Appointed to UN Commission on Disarmament

Business as usual at the United Nations, ain’t it? Steve at Threat Watch writes:

Instantly, the ears perked up and the digging began in earnest with memories of Libya chairing the UN Human Rights Commission in 2003.

He notes that this is, if possible, even more laughable. And frightening.

It occurs to me that I haven’t tossed up the old babUN lately. This appointment is exactly the sort of deranged, irrational, world-threatening United Nations maneuver that the babUN was designed to mock.

Have no fear. The United Nations is on the lookout. (And when the babUN is wearing a blue helmet, you know he means business…)


  1. Okay someone please tell me again .. Why is it we are in the UN? Why do they let them meet here on our soil?

  2. The blue helmet is there to warn people from a distance that they are coming. Hence also the white vehicles.

  3. Jim B Ask FDR. It was his idea. First meeting was hosted in SF. (Considering how liberal they are, I am surprised UN never left.)

  4. Actually the UN does the US a lot of good. Chiefly, it lets the US to modify the policies of other countries without the heavy handed image of the US forcing things down their throats. Think – IMF, World Bank, peace keepers, various aid organizations, cover stories for our spies, cover story for their spys… As a trade off for all that – the UN gets to set up any number of useless debating societies designed to let the world bitch about how the US is running the show.

  5. Ask FDR. It was his idea. Wrong.The United Nations was founded as a successor to the League of Nations and Third International. The League of Nations was founded in 1919.