NBC Stryker fielded with the 2nd Cav

A quick hit by Matthew Cox on Army Times notes that the first M1135 Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Reconnaissance Vehicle Strykers are ready to roll with the newest Stryker Brigade. Previously, Stryker brigades had been using the Fox vehicle for the NBC recon role.

Though the 2nd Cav is headed to Europe this summer, it won’t actually be this 2nd Cav. The 1st Brigade of the 25th Division will reflag as the 2nd Cavalry Regiment and cross the pond. The current 2nd Cav will then reflag as the 4th Brigade of the 2nd Division.

ALSO: Defense Industry Daily notes that the money for an additional 300+ Strykers has been approved. These must be the Strykers for the sixth SBCT, the 56th Brigade (Mechanized), 28th Infantry Division (Mechanized) of the Pennsylvania National Guard.