My apologies

Images are screwed up once again. I’m in the middle of fixing them.

The big DreamHost experiment failed miserably. Thought it was worth a shot. I’m setting up yet another off-site image storage location. Hopefully this one will be more reliable.

My early testing (even with a clone of MO) went extremely well at DreamHost. But it just isn’t up to snuff for Murdoc. I guess I can see their astounding bandwidth allowances coming in handy if you’re feeding video or something. As long as you don’t mind intermittent outages that seem to last 15-20 minutes.

But it certainly isn’t good enough for your main content. I will be removing my DreamHost affiliate badges shortly.

UPDATE: Everything should be set now.


  1. Not sure what you are doing with pictures but it is an improvement for me. Previously I had to turn cookie control and ad blocking off in Zone Alarm to see pictures. Can see them now with ad blocking and cookie control set to medium. Best regards, Harry